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If the world was the opposite and homosexuality was the norm, with heterosexuality being the deviant behavior, believed by the church, politicians and the general consensus of society to be unnatural would you…

Be a flaming heterosexual (8bm.com readers choice)
A closet heterosexual
Marry a homosexual and have heterosexual affairs
Be abstinent and join a convent/monastery
Champion heterosexual rights
Try your best to be gay
In other words, if I were gay which kinda of homosexual would I be in today's world.
Well, I definitely wouldn’t be a flaming heterosexual in a world where homosexuality was the perceived majority.
Flaming brings ass kickings. I would try to avoid violence at all costs. I don’t deal with violence very well. Out of fear I tend to take it to places that people who routinely deal with violence in their lives don’t go. Since I don’t usually have physical violence in my life I don’t know how to act when it happens. My mind immediately goes into worst case scenario mode and I end up trying to literally kill the person that is threatening me out of fear and most of the time all they wanted to do is talk shit and intimidate me a little. But I always took their threats literally and I can’t have someone putting their hands on me, so to avoid an extended stay in a maximum security prison facility I won’t flame.
Another thing I am not going to try to do is my best to be gay.
That would be pretty pathetic.
I might be able to fake the emotional intimacy but not the physical. I know that sounds the opposite of what it should be but I have close friends that I truly care about so I can play up that part. It’s the moment that they lean in to kiss me that would freak me out. I doubt I would be able to hide that.
The choice to have on the list would have been “marry a heterosexual dude and we agree to act like we’re gay to the outside world and secretly continue a closet heterosexual lifestyle”, but that wasn’t an option. Note to self, next time I ask a question like this, make this an option.
I am not going to be abstinent or join a convent.
I wouldn’t disrespect myself life that. So I guess my only choices are to either champion heterosexual rights, which brings ass kickings just as bad “flaming” would, or be a closet heterosexual which is probably the one I would go with. Sure people would look at me suspiciously while I would conveniently find excuse after excuse not to go to dinner or the movies with all of the dreamy guys in the office would ask me out but…looking at me wouldn’t bother me a bit, considering the alternative.
same difference

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