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4 Cool Gadgets You Might Want To Try Out For 2015


Are you the type of person who wants to have the latest gadget? Well, if you are then, we haveĀ  four gadgets here that you might want to try out. These are way beyond the usual gadgets we have seen around such as smart phones, smart watches, laptops, and many more. You can even tell yourself wow! Is this for real? Or to that extend.

Here are four gadgets that you might be interested in:

Mirror_3QTR_Right_Low#1 Mirror HDD

This one is made by Lacie. They are known for creating HDDS that are way beyond the usual hard drive placed right inside a colored plastic housing. What’s with Lacie’s new HDD released on the market? Well, for one, it is a mirror HDD. Yes, can look at your face, see if you have some smudges, or try to check if you look stress or not. Apart from that, it is a 1TB HDD. That’s a lot of storage for you. It is place right inside a housing guess what? It’s not plastic but it’s made from Gorilla Glass 3.

So, the next time you are saving files on your HDD you can continuously check yourself and see how you look like. Ain’t that cool?

#2. Cycle Nav by Schwinn

cyclenavFor serious bikers out there, here is one little device that you can make use of. It’s the CycleNav by Schwinn. What is this device for? Well, it is the counterpart of TomTom for a car. The flashing lights are going to be your guide when you are going to go home. When you make a wrong turn, you will hear this device shout at you! That’s a good way to keep your eyes on the road, isn’t it?

#3 Sleepow

logo1jpegHow’s your sleep so far? Have you been sleeping well for the past nights? If you have a problem with sleeping, then now is the time that you might consider buying Sleepow. It is dubbed as a memory-foam pillow. What it does is that it plays beats with the use of HQ speakers. This will enable to create a soothing and calming beats at a low-frequency. In return, it enables you to fall asleep deeply while at the same time reducing stress. If you do not like the sounds that this pillow comes with, you can always add your own selection of songs with the use of a mp3 player built into it. Have a good night sleep!

#4 Garmin Vivofit

Garmin_vivofit_2_Group_ShotAre you always on the move? Have you been monitoring how much movement you have been making all day long? If you are not healthy, have been struggling weight and would want to start some baby steps, then Vivofit is the way to go. This wristband gives off a different feature. It detects motion. So, if you have not been moving for more than an hour then it will continue bleeping until such time you are going to move. This will surely serve as a good head start for those who want to start off a healthy lifestyle by constant moving.

Have you made a decision which one to go for? Well, if not, then guess what? There are quite a lot of gadgets that are coming out. You might want to hold on to your seat and wait for the right gadget to be released. Who knows the one that you have always dreaming to be created and released will soon happen?

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