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Which would be more disturbing, finding out that the most explicit underground hardcore XXX film you’ve ever seen, complete with midgets, circus clowns and Mexican donkeys also stars…

Your mother (8bm.com readers choice)
Your daughter

My daughter.
No doubt. Why am I so sure? Well it’s simple. My daughter is a reflection of me. If she is having sex with midget circus clowns and Mexican donkeys then somehow, somewhere I failed her as a parent.
I know, I know it’s always about me, but sitting there watching my daughter in a XXX film is more disturbing than my mom because let’s face it, my mom is an adult and has always been an adult. I haven’t known her to be anything but an adult. Now my daughter on the other hand, that is an entirely different story. I use to hold her in my arms. I wiped her ass. I comforted her from the monsters in her closet. I slew the big blue “meanies” that lived under her bed. I supplied the pizza and pop at her slumber parties. It’s a big pill to swallow knowing that somewhere in all of that was a little girl that was crying out for help and I missed it.
And because of me now she is taking comfort in the singles that men are shoving in her panties for fucking a mule in a dimly lit circus tent.
Now is this on the same level as Obi Wan Kenobi failing Vader, well no, no one said that it was, but it is far more personal. You want to see a girl with issues you need look no further than the one sliding up and down on the stripper pole. You want to see a girl twisted all to hell psychologically, you need look no further than a bootleg, poorly lit porno film of a clown midget getting it on in a ménage with your daughter and a lady with a beard down to her tits.
If my mother was in that film, well then someone else failed her. It certainly wasn’t me.
My conscience is clear.

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