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Are you still a virgin if you have only had anal or oral sex?
Hell no. who are you kidding? (8bm.com readers choice)

Hell no. Who are you kidding?
I don’t believe in trying to find loopholes around staying a virgin. I remember a study called National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent that was conducted by Yale and Columbia University researchers this year that found that abstinence pledgers contract venereal diseases at the same rate as kids that don’t pledge abstinence.
How is that possible?
It’s obvious. It’s because the abstinence pledgers are still having sex, they are just not having vaginal/penal intercourse. Don’t fool yourself. They are having sex. Who are you kidding? They are just choosing to take it in the ass, sucking cocks and whatnot.
I am not about to sit here and call a girl that has sucked 20 cocks a virgin, I’m sorry. I’m not going to let you weasel out of the abstinence contract that easily.
In fact, that very same study showed that girls that pledge abstinence were actually six times more likely to engage in oral sex.
People you are being too limited with your definitions. You’re trying to give yourself an out when there is none.
Your wife tells you on your wedding night that she is a virgin. She saved it all for you. All for this one special night. But you know that over the years she has let about 25 guys pound her in the ass throughout high school as well as college but never in the holiest of holies, are you buying that virgin line?
I didn't think so.

same difference

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