Joppy Props
A brutally honest explanation of your failure.
The term "Joppy" props stems directly from the interview that professional boxer William Joppy gave immediately after the ass kicking that he took from Felix Trinidad, where he looked right into the camera and said "I lost because I had never been hit that hard in my life."

Jesus Christ

an apocalyptic Jew that viewed pleasures as evil, and saw self-restraint and conquest of passions to be virtuous. Famous for getting into a confrontation with "the capitalists" one Sunday morning after worship, who in consequence had him brought up on trumped up charges, railroaded during some bullshit trial and then made example of to show that nothing is more righteous than the all-mighty dollar.

Jesus Freak

"They trade one addiction for another. In her case, her addiction was dick, booze, dick and some weed thrown in between the dicks. The way I see it, she traded dick for Jesus. For most people they think that is a nice trade off.
I personally think addiction is pathetic regardless of what you are addicted to.
I know this will really sound bad, but she was much easier to tolerate when she was addicted to the dick."
same difference