written by Nkrumah Steward                                   PUBLISHED ON: November 6, 2006

Evangelical Hypocrisy: I Think I’ve Seen This Show Before

What kills me is how can you go in front of your congregation every single Sunday and dog homosexuals like they are the bane of existence when you know that when you leave there the first place you are going to go is a truck stop and go suck dick yourself?
How do people who do stuff like this live with themselves?
We have certainly seen in it enough to know the phenomenon of hypocrisy.
We all sin. The difference is coming out against the same sin that you know you enjoy.
Why couldn’t Rev. Ted Haggard the disgraced former president of the National Evangelical Association just come out against Rap Music or something?
That way when they caught him smoking methamphetamines and getting innocent massages from male prostitutes he wouldn’t have been on record of coming out against that sort of thing. He could say, “Hey I was against Rap music remember? I never said anything about taking cock and smoking meth. ”
This isn’t the first time nor will it be the last time that some judgmental religious freak will be privately partaking in the same sin that he is publicly condemning.
Personally, I cannot wait until homosexuals can live out in the open and be honest about who they are and what they are.
That way, we can stop having stuff like this going on once and for all
If there were no negative connotations implied or otherwise to being a fairy then we wouldn’t be having people sitting in these dark closets hating themselves and then turning that hate back on us.
Like I have said before, Fred Phelps is the biggest homosexual on the planet if my theory holds up.
You show me someone that seems to be unnecessarily harsh, critical, condemning and intolerable towards someone or something and most of the time they are intimately involved in the situation more than they let on.
If he isn’t gay then my whole theory falls apart because no one is more of a fag basher than Phelps.
Child pornography aficionados are often masquerading around as being the most disgusted with kiddy porn, which is pretty difficult to do since most people find it pretty revolting.
But see, when you privately partake it this sort of stuff, the temptation to go way overboard in your condemnation is irresistible to them. They have to take it five steps further because they think that is the only way to ensure that suspicion won’t stop of their front porch.
They can’t afford to be content with just not being a homosexual themselves; they have to start a damn church around the whole idea that being tolerant towards homosexuals is the root of all evil in the world.
And when that isn’t enough, then you have to go on record as say that God hates America because we don’t stone fags and attend the funerals of fallen American servicemen and women and shout from across the street that God killed your son or daughter as punishment for the country being tolerant of fairies.
That ought to deflect suspicion from you right?
I would love to live in a world where intolerance actually draws suspicion to you.
Then what would they do?
What could they do but be more tolerant to avoid suspicion, but they are incapable of doing that so they would probably just implode.

Evangelical confesses to 'sexual immorality' in letter, CNN, November 6, 2006
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