written by Nkrumah Steward                                   published on: November 2, 2006

Moby: I Hope My Kids Are Gay

Lots of people say stupid things. We all do from time to time I guess, but some people are pretty consistent at it.
What I have found to be true over time is that we (as society) don’t always mean the same thing when say that someone said something stupid.
Some times we aren’t talking about what they’ve said at all, but rather that they said whatever they said publicly.
A lot of times we actually think what they said was correct, but that it was stupid to say it on record.
When I say that something is stupid, I don’t mean it was stupid to say it, I mean, it really is stupid, even to think it.
This is a direct quote from the recording artist Moby.
Note that this is not a song lyric but words coming directly from the way his brain processes information to his lips.
"I'm straight but I've grown up around gay people and gay clubs” the South Side artist explains. “(Gay people) are superior to straight people. If you have a gay child you're more inclined to be a prouder parent."
I am assuming he was serious.
The last time I read that someone said that being gay was superior to being straight it was about how Ernst Röhm and the Nazi party believed that gay men were superior to straight men because gay men didn’t need women for anything, including sex.
If being superior means that I have to hang around a bunch of hairy legged men all day then I will embrace my inferiority.
This guy reminds me of some of those white people who befriend black Americans then do a 180 and start saying the white people are to blame for all of the ills of the black community and how black people are actually superior to white people.
Oh yeah, they are out there.
I am not sure what it is about immersing yourself within another culture that makes some people lose their minds but evidently there are a percentage of people out there who are definitely at risk of this kinda crap.
Moby obviously feels that growing up around gay people and gay clubs has influenced this opinion of straight men otherwise he wouldn’t have mentioned it as a qualifying statement. Like his opinion is credible and we should pay attention to it because he grew up and partied with gay people.
See what is interesting is that he isn’t gay, yet he is appalled at date rape like 100% of the straight guys I know. And he is also turned off by super macho-male culture which, well I am not turned off by it, but I can kinda see where he is coming from, it does get annoying at times.
My point is that Moby doesn’t have to suck dick to be sickened by date rape, I am assuming he doesn’t date rape, why would he have to have gay kids to have them feel the same way that he does about violating another human being sexually?
That’s like me saying that I don’t want to have gay kids so that they don’t grow up to be Catholic priests, Boy Scout troop leaders or Trekies because the last thing the world needs is another pedophile praying on young boys.
Moby doesn’t know another other straight guy outside of himself that don’t rape women?
If he doesn’t then maybe he should get out to more places than just gay clubs.

Moby: I Hope My Kids Are Gay, Celebrityweek.Com, November 2, 2006
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