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Turkey is the only European country that has fewer people that believe in evolution than the US

Further Proof that Fundamentalist Are The Same Anywhere You Go
Out of 32 European countries the only European country that has fewer people that believe in evolution than the US is Turkey.
That’s it.
Even Japan has more people that accept evolution that the US and that is saying something.
Japan can’t even agree on how many people they slaughtered during the Rape of Nanking when they were busy trying punk the Asian world.
Why is this?
One reason is because here in America, republicans actually make being against evolution a part of their message to garner the conservative vote.
Which is twice as problematic because one, it shows that they are shameless and two people are actually voting for them because they are equally shameless.
they don’t do this in Europe and Japan. Their conservatives there still hold on to their anti-Semitism, their warmongering and everything else you would expect from a conservative but they aren’t so quick to place an “I’m an idiot” sticker across their foreheads to get elected.
No truer words have ever been spoken than this…
"American Protestantism is more fundamentalist than anybody except perhaps the Islamic fundamentalists, which is why Turkey and we are so close," said study co-author Jon Miller of Michigan State University.
And like the Taliban, American Christians fundamentalist will find a way to take pride in this. They always do somehow.
It seems fundamentalist are proud of being ignorant.
But at the same time that they seem proud that they are ignorant, they still fester a little jealously towards those that are considered educated.
You always hear conservatives referring to Liberals as elitist. At first I thought that this was just an attempt at multi-millionaires trying to connect with the common man to get his vote, but now I see the truth.
Fundamentalist hold a deep rooted dislike for people that don’t buy the literal interpretation of their books.
They don’t appreciate the condescending way that we tend to smirk at them when they tell us that the grand canyon was created in seconds not millions of years by a flash flood caused by the great flood.
Bruce Chapman, the president of the Discovery Institute in Seattle, said this of the findings of the study, "A better explanation for the high percentage of doubters of Darwinism in America may be that this country's citizens are famously independent and are not given to being rolled by an ideological elite in any field”.
Ideological elite? Not given to being rolled? Since when?
Here is a hint: “We have to go to war with Iraq because Saddam has a complex web of chemical weapons manufacturing facilities that he has strategically placed all over the country disguised as mobile homes. Sound familiar? Nuff said.
See science isn’t like history where 99% of it is someone’s interpretation of facts.
From generation to generation we often change how we interpret those facts.
Eventually someone will write a book saying that George W. Bush was Americas greatest president. It might not be until everyone that was alive when he was alive was dead, but someone will write that book.
Without changing a single date or a single event, history can be repackaged and sold to you any number of ways by simply playing up or playing down whatever you like.
One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.
Some dumb ass with a bunch of highly explosive chemicals in a hairspray bottle on an airplane is evil to one person and defending the culture of God’s chosen people to another.
No one disputes the fact that he was on a plane and such-n-such time with a gallon of liquid explosives.
But science is different. Anything you read about in science can be tested out for yourself. In their findings they tell you exactly how they set up their experiments, how they reached their findings and encourage you to check their research.
If you want to know why science dates rocks at billions of years old instead of thousands you can look it up, run your own experiments and if you find fault in them call them on it.
But FOX can see it when its ignorant Muslims talking all of their backwards nonsense, but when its ignorant Christians talking the same crap then they want to call them patriots for standing up for the values that made America great.
The study claimed that America’s low ranking can be blamed on poor understanding of biology, the politicization of science by Neo Cons and the literal interpretation of the Bible by a “small but vocal group of American Christians”.
The study also found that the actual percentage of Americans that accept evolution has actually declined over the years.
The study also found, and here come the Taliban comparison that I tend to make on this subject, that while most Christians outside of the US take Genesis as metaphorical ,American fundamentalist interpret the Bible literally and view Genesis as a true and accurate account of how everything came about. "Whether it's the Bible or the Koran, there are some people who think it's everything you need to know," Miller said.
Its always amazing to me how science and evolution is all bad until they get sick. Then the rules change. Then they are thanking God that there are people that have studied the commonalities between species, have tested the very drugs that are making them better on biologically similar animals, animals that we know are close to humans by studying genetics, an entire branch of science inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution.

U.S. Lags Behind Europe, Japan in Acceptance of Evolution, FOX news, August 11, 2006
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