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The Price of Gas

A gallon of gasoline weighs approximately 6 pounds.
A quarter pounder hamburger at McDonalds cost $2.60 cents.
A gallon of gasoline cost $3.15 a gallon.
If you wanted 6 pounds of beef, the approximate weight of a gallon of gasoline, it would cost you $62.40.
The price of gas might not be as expensive as the price of beef, but the problem is that I can get full off of $2.60 worth of beef.
My car can’t get full on less than 30 bucks.
I have never been privy to sitting in the office of a big time American oil tycoon ,but I have to believe that every morning American oil executives say a prayer before they open up the morning paper, praying that something happened over the night that they can use as an excuse to jack up gas prices.
Gas is up 80 cents from this exact same day last year in the United States.
As far as I am concerned there is absolutely no justification for gas prices going up 80 cents in a single year outside of us being on the verge of some Mad Max post apocalyptic societal crash where the only way you can get gas is by siphoning it out of the tank of someone that has some.
And part of the reason I am so frustrated is because I don’t have answers. No one does.
No one on FOX, CNN, ABC or CBS can give you a reason why gasoline in the US has gone up 80 cents in the past twelve months.
When Bush took office gas was only $1.10 a gallon, and if you can remember back that far, we thought that was outrageous.
Now we would lose our minds if we could pay $1.10 a gallon for gas.
My question is, why is it that gas prices go up when Hezbollah is warring with Israel?
To the best of my knowledge neither Hezbollah or Israel are bombing any oil fields.
They haven’t taken out any oil tankers bringing fuel to the US. They haven’t detonated any pipelines that feed our insatiable appetite for oil.
So what is the connection?
If the oil industry only raised prices with inflation or when they actually had issues regarding pipelines being compromised, oil refineries burning down to the ground or oil tankers getting side swiped by icebergs prices would still be around 1.40 a gallon.
But as it stands, gas prices go up anytime the news leads with a story on the Middle East and it seems to take all of 10 minutes to raise gas prices and about 2 weeks to lower them.
It’s contemptible really.
I didn’t know that the oil industry was struggling to stay a float during the Clinton years, the Bush years before him or the Reagan years before him, but they definitely aren’t now.
The Republican controlled congress has yet to get tough with these oil executive to find out why they are recording record profits while at the same time killing us at the pump.
I guess that is the difference between a Democrat controlled congress and a Republican one. A Republican controlled congress sees no reason to look into someone making record profits. That is what business is supposed to do isn’t it?
Now I am not against making a buck, but I do have a little problem with someone making record profits at the expense of the average American that is so dependent on your energy to live.
And don’t give me this shit about “if you don’t like it, start riding a bike”.
This society wasn’t built on the idea that people are going to ride bikes. Look how spread out we are.
Public transportation is a joke in many US cities. The automobile industry actually went out bought, dismantled or allowed public transportation to rot in order to encourage us to buy automobiles.
Where we live, how we live, where we work, the work that we do is all predicated on their being affordable fuel available. There are some things are just too critical for society to function. This is one of those things.
If you don’t like congress looking into your pricing practices and all the bad press associated with this kind of stuff then get out of the energy business and start manufacturing televisions.
This isn’t cheeseburgers we are talking about here. This isn’t 55 inch plasma televisions. Those things we can do without. Society isn’t going crash if we don’t have cheeseburgers. Societies will crash if we can’t afford gasoline. And remember, as the price of gasoline goes up so does everything else. Food will go up because it costs more to get the food from the farm to the grocery store.
People aren’t buying so many televisions, furniture and homes anymore because what disposable income they did have are now being eroded away just getting to work and home five days a week. The only thing that I can see that will actually benefit from all of this price gouging is NetFlicks. Maybe they’re the ones behind all of this.
MY question is, how can the US really have an interest in creating stability in the middle east when we seem to have so many people profiting from the instability in the middle east?
According to American Automaker’s figures, gasoline would have the get to $4.44 a gallon at the pump before Hybrid cars would actually become a product that American consumers would seriously consider buying.
Now they have their ceiling.
Why have they been charging us 1.10 a gallon for something that we have told them we would pay four times that amount before we considered adjusting our lifestyles?
I guess conventional wisdom among the oil industry is that if they keep pushing it into us slowly, it doesn’t hurt as much.
We can take it, no matter how big it is, as long as they don’t shove it in. If they ease it into us, it gives us time to adjust to it, shift our body weight to make room for it and then it’s tolerable.

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