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Iraqi Prime Minister Doesn’t Support Israel, duh?

Ok, let me get this straight. We first went to Iraq to protect ourselves from chemical weapons. Right?
But then, that somehow turned into a mission of liberating the Iraqi people from a tyrannical dictator hell bent on world domination. We removed him from power and gave them democracy, the great western cure all.
So the Iraqi people get democracy, as in, they will finally get to pick who they want to drive their country into the ground like we do here every four years.
The whole time ,people all over the world are saying that the United States is simply installing another puppet pro-west government like they do everywhere else they liberate.
The Bush administration said that was a bunch of crap. We don’t prop up puppet governments anymore like we did in Iraq with Saddam Hussein prior to 1990 and the Shaw of Iran in the 1960s-70s.
Donald Rumsfeld openly admitted that Americans weren’t going to sit back and let some rabid anti-American candidate get into office in Iraq, but he assured the world that the Iraqi people would be free to pick whomever they wanted to run their country, as long as it was out of the pool of people we gave them to choose from.
Fair enough.
So the Iraqis picked Nuri al-Maliki, but then, he made the mistake of publicly criticizing Israel, then we got pissed off.
When Maliki refused to apologize, Howard Dean even went so far as to call Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki an anti-Semite.
Democrats in congress got all indignant about Maliki’s criticisms and insisted that Maliki’s invitation to speak before Congress be revoked if he didn’t apologized for criticizing Israel.
Because as we all know, Israel has the right to defend itself.
My question is, where does this “right to defend yourself” end?
If this is the appropriate response to the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers then what would be the appropriate response by the actual Lebanese government, who’s job is to protect its own innocent Lebanese citizens who have been collateral damage in this latest episode of Israel flexing its muscles in the region?
Don’t they have the right to defend themselves? And who is paying for all of the crap that has been destroyed there? Who is going to help these people rebuild their lives after this is all over?
It seems the right to defend yourself leaves a pretty broad range of responses available to your disposal doesn’t it, but only if you are Israel.
Would the US turn its head if the Lebanese government decided that they were going to take all four, count them, four helicopters that they have in the entire Lebanese military and drop a bomb or two on a few Israeli settlements and say “Oops. Collateral damage. We wanted to hit a military target but our busted ass China made missiles don’t seem to go that far.”
Calling someone an anti-Semite is a bad word here in the west, or at least it has been post World War II. During Henry Ford’s day I don’t think anyone even blinked at the fact that you hated Jews. But calling someone an anti-Semite, particularly a politician in the middle-east, is like calling him a Muslim.
Rule number one of democracy; You are beholden to your constituents. In this case, Maliki being an anti-Semite, at least politically is probably a good thing.
I guess the appropriate response to the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers was the killing of a hundred Lebanese (non Hezbollah) and millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage throughout Lebanon?
The Israeli soldiers aren’t even dead.
I guess if you disagree with that then you are an anti-Semite. I didn’t realize it was that easy to be an anti-Semite. All it takes is to be critical of Israel?
So am I anti-German if I am critical of Nazi or anti-Christian if I am critical of catholic priest molesting alter boys?
The only thing you can be critical of and no one questions it, is sports.
You can boo your home team, even call for the head coach to lose his job. You can boycott the stadium and refuse to renew your season ticket package and no one questions your love for your team. In fact, people assume that it’s your love for your home team which is the reason you are so passionate about the direction the team is going in.
In politics it’s totally different. If you think Bush should be impeached you are a traitor.
If you don’t think our troops should be in Iraq you must get some perverse enjoyment when you hear reports coming in every night of more US soldiers being killed by roadside bombs.
If you criticize the government then people want you to either figure out what side you are on or else find yourself somewhere else to live.
We need to be careful because we told the world that Iraq wasn’t going to be our newest puppet government but when we act like Maliki broke a carton of eggs when he didn’t follow the script, then what kind of message are we sending?

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