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Another African Nation Mutilating Girls For Their Own Good

From the land that gave us clitoris removal we now have “breast ironing”.
I find this particularly offensive because I am a breast man.
Anything that offends the female breasts offends me.
In Cameroon there is a nationwide campaign underway to discourage people from ironing young girl’s breasts with hot objects in an attempt to make their boobs go away.
Although Cameroonians have been breast ironing since the day before as far back as we can remember, just now are people apparently disgusted enough to want to draw attention to the practice.
The idea is that if mothers can stop their daughters from developing sexually then they won’t attract the attention of young boys and men looking to get laid.
Amazing isn’t it? Look at the extent that parents go through to stop their daughters from whoring themselves around.
You could probably write an entire PhD dissertation on the lengths that societies have gone through throughout history to try to keep female sexuality under control all over the world.
Likewise, you probably couldn’t write a flyer and fill up both sides on the lengths socities have taken to keep male sexuality under control, and yet everything we do to suppress women’s sexuality is supposedly to protect them from predatory men.
Go figure.
Is talking to your kids about sex that much more difficult than pounding her chest flat with wooden pestles and pounding tubers?
I mean is it really that painful to talk about sex with your children?
Amazingly, 26% of Cameroonian girls go through this breast ironing at puberty.
What is the issue with female sexuality that is so damn threatening to society in general?
Right next door in Nigeria they are cutting little girl’s clits off so that they won’t enjoy sex.
In some parts of Cameroon, men feel that a girl needs to be married off as soon as she starts to show signs of sexual maturity.
In America we call those men pedophiles.
But in Cameroon mothers figure it’s in their daughter’s interests to stunt the inevitable by literally heating up a coconut over afire and using it to iron down their daughter’s breasts.
I bet there are a whole lot of ugly titties in Cameroon.
In the Middle East they dress their women in clothing that covers them from head to toe, desexualizing them for “their own protection”.
Protection from whom? Once again, instead of mutilating women, why don’t you mutilate whomever it is out there that you think you need to protect them from?
Look, I know that there are guys out there that “don’t take no for an answer” but that is why God gave them testicles.
Testicles are there to be kicked. They are the ultimate equalizer. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Don’t let the movies give you a false impression.
No matter how big he is. No matter how insane he is. No matter how much he out weights you. One properly place kick in the balls and he becomes your bitch.
Only in the movies can you kick a man square in the balls and he grunts and is back up and fighting like nothing happened in seconds.
The human body can’t produce enough adrenaline to block out a crushing kick to the testicles.
Hell, even grazing those raisins is enough to make you stroke out.
The fact of the matter is, there are only a handful of men on the planet that can take a direct kick to the nuts and still remember to breathe let alone get back up and chase you down.
And without exception, every guy that can manage to do that, is all about 100-years-old, lives on a mountain in Tibet and has been training in martial arts since they could walk.
And the ironic thing is, about 4 years after they acquire the skill of being able to absorb nut pain, they die, only proving my point that developing your brain to the point where you can over come nut pain isn’t natural.
I can promise you this. 96-year-old, blind, Kung-Fu masters are not the kind of guys that your daughter is going to have problems with at the club this weekend.
Those are not the kind of guys that are going to wrestle you down to the ground in a poorly lit parking structure.
The average guy that is harassing you in some village in Cameroon or at a Sports bar in downtown Chicago might as well have a bull’s-eye painted on his nuts.
Try it. It works.
If God didn’t intend for testicles to be kicked anything as sensitive as testicles would’ve been fortified behind 4 inches of cartilage or cramped behind the chest plate where the heart and lungs are. God didn’t put your heart in your ass cheeks so you would have to sit on it every day did he?
No, he put it where it would be protected, somewhat.
But God put your testicles between your legs, fully exposed, sensitive to changes in heat, cold, humidity and made them dangle around freely inside a sack of flesh half as thick as your ear lobe.
God isn’t stupid.
So instead of ironing perfectly good breasts to mosquitoe bites try teaching them how to kick.

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Source: Cameroon girls battle 'breast ironing', BBC, June 23, 2006
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