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Kate Beckinsale can squirt milk from her breasts clear across a room
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Two of my favorite movies in the past few years have been Million Dollar Baby and Crash, two films written by the same genius Paul Haggis.
One of my friends asked me the other day, what it was that I liked about those movies so much, and I told him it was because the characters are driven by their emotional logic rather than their rational logic. They do things and make decisions that don’t make logical sense to anyone outside of themselves.
Kate Beckinsale told the entire world in an interview with Jay Leno that she can squirt breast milk out of her tits clear across a decent size room.
"I do miss breastfeeding. I was good at it. I got more than my fair share - I could hit the wall from quite a distance! I do have some useless talents."
But then, in the same interview with Leno said that she remarked that she won’t be playing Wonder Woman in an upcoming film because "I've embarrassed my daughter enough. I don't think appearing in my underpants is appropriate."
Dose art imitate life or is Paul Haggis actually writing life?
I can see how playing Wonder Woman could embarrass your daughter, but how could telling the world that you’ve stood around trying to see how far you can squirt breast milk out of your tits NOT be more embarrassing?
It seems celebrities are always doing this balancing act between making sure that they say things interesting enough to get us to talk about them but at the same time trying to give us this image that they are normal people.
Once again, I am not judging anyone here but her daughter Lily is from a previous relationship with Michael Sheen. Now she is married to a director, big surprise Len Wiseman.
Celebrities in general, have more babies, father more babies, get married and get divorced more times than any trailer trash or ghetto queens anywhere on the planet.
This is a life style.
Children of celebrities have more half-brothers and sisters than you would find in 70 trailer parks combined.
It seems that the average marriages among celebrities in a single life time can’t be less than 3 for anyone and the time between marriages seems to be on average 10 weeks.
Look at Paul McCartney and he is by no means alone in this, but he has kids in their fucking 40s and they have a half-brother or sister that is like 2. Only celebrities have kids 38 years apart. Only celebrities feel compelled to have a child when they are 80 with their new 32-year-old beautiful bride.
So if bragging about how far you can shoot milk out of your tits won’t embarrass the shit out of her, the fact that she will have a 2 year old half brother or sister when she is 35 will most definitely do the trick.

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Source: Kate Beckinsale's squirty confession, BANG Showbiz Jun. 19, 2006
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