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Indian Men Pimping Their Wives Now…
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

I have a friend of mine who is from India who doesn’t understand why I have relationships that don’t work.
I have broken up with two women in the past 7 years. I am 34 and unmarried and he thinks I am literally insane.
He compares me to himself. He knew his wife for all of 1 hour before he married her and they have been married for 8 years now. How hard can it be to find a wife?
He is all about arranged marriages. Fuck finding a wife. Where do I get off thinking that I am capable of doing something like that? That is where I am going wrong. I am looking for companionship with someone that I love, respect, share common goals and values and are attracted too and all of that other stuff.
He doesn’t understand why people think they can pick their own spouses when it is so obvious that your parents can do it better job at it than you can.
I’d be damn if I let my father pick my wife. If it was up to him I’d be married to nurse by day/vigilante by night named Coffy.
Well some husbands in western India are now renting their wives out to other men, exploiting what has become a serious woman shortage in India.
Part of the agreement is that she live with him, look after him, clean up his crib and even sleep with him if the mood hits him.
In other words, husbands are pimping their wives.
Let’s call it what it is shall we? He is pimping her. He isn’t leasing her.
I don’t see how you could love your wife and pimp her to some other man. But then again, arranged marriages aren’t really about love now are they?
Oooh, I just made a culturally insensitive value judgment didn’t I?
Its ok, I said the same thing to his face.
How can you love someone that you’ve only known for an hour?
You can be fond of someone that you’ve only known for an hour but love is not being “fond” of someone. Love isn’t even when you are compelled to be affectionate towards someone.
Arranged marriages are about putting together people of like social background, that know the rules of engagement and hoping for the best.
And if you don’t love her, if things don’t work out well, a man can always find another one.
What I want to know is why is there a woman shortage in India anyway?
For one, boys are so much more valuable than girls there that many people abort their fetuses if it is a girl.
China has the same problem. Please reference the article I wrote about a grandfather that buried his grand daughter alive because he thought she had weird looking lips.
In Western India there are only 700 girls for every 1000 boys so women are at a premium.
Well at least those that were allowed to live to sexual maturity are premium.
Apparently they aren’t worth the 250 bucks for the abortion when they are still a fetus.
1 out of every three people on the earth live in China and India, two countries right next to each other, and both of them have dire female shortages.
So who is having all of these damn kids?
Maybe no one is having these kids. Maybe they are all clones.
In china we have seen people literally digging up corpses so that men that are already dead can have a wife in the after life.
Like they really give a damn at that point.
We have seen doctors in China running mental health facilities that are marrying off their own female patients off to single Chinese men on the down low. And now in India, men are pimping their wives out for $175 US a month.
The average farm hand in India only brings home about $22 US a month.
So the Indians that can afford this, most likely the same dudes that we all talk to whenever we call any American companies help desk, are leasing women from husband/pimps exploiting the fact that short sighted men can’t see the value of a baby girl until they are 25 years old and forced into paying $900 US a year to get laid.
And that’s not counting meals, flowers, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, hours spent watching lifetime movies, the Food Network and over all stress.
Even the business of bride brokering is a booming industry in India.
Brokers charge a dude up to $1,520, to find a girl for a guy and it’s a win-win situation for everybody because even the girl's family receives around $435 in dowry, which is technically illegal in India, for selling their daughter to the broker.
You know, we did this kinda stuff in America about 250 years ago, we called it slavery and they didn’t see the long term effects of it back then either, but take it from me, black people haven’t been right since.
So watch out.

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Source: India's female shortage leads to wife-renting, Associated Press, June 19, 2006
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