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Hawking Gives Us Another Depressing Prediction
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The smartest human being on the planet, Stephen Hawking, told an audience of super dramatic Chinese in Hong Kong that if human beings don’t start spreading themselves out among the universe, i.e. colonizing other planets, then we will most likely get wiped off the planet by global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or “other dangers we have no yet thought of.”
Ok, I can see us being wiped out by things that you and I have not thought of but what about him? Could we be wiped out by things that he hasn’t thought of?
On a side note, not only is Stephen Hawking the smartest person on the planet but he’s got to also be the most uncomfortable looking person on the planet as well.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis twisted him up into the most uncomfortable position I have ever seen someone in sitting upright.
But I digress. We were talking about why smart people are always so depressing.
Why are braincases so damn pessimistic anyway? What is it about being smart that makes you fatalistic?
Why aren’t there any science fiction writers that look at all of the advancements in modern technology and say, “In the next 100 years we are going to be living in a virtual paradise here on earth.”
They never say that kinda stuff.
Maybe its because we never ask them questions about good things. Every time we ask Hawking a question its about an asteroid, a mutated virus or global warming. Maybe once, for a change, someone should ask him what he think the chances are that in 100 years people won’t be talking through a computer because of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis instead of what when he thinks Yellowstone is going to blow.
Look, I know I would be the first to admit that mankind doesn’t give you much to hope for. Its 2006 and we have a president that thinks that the jury is still out on evolution, there is a movement in this country to teach children that the earth and everything on it was made in 7 days and nothing is older than 7,000 years old. I know that there are a small, but very organized group of Islamic fundamentalist right now spread out all over the globe planning on killing scores of innocent people all in the name of God because they think God wants them to.
I know none of that looks good for us. I know that is why you think we probably wont be around in 100 years.
But how long can those kind of people hang around?
How many people still don’t believe in germs or that the earth revolves around the Sun or that you expect to still be here in the next 40 years let alone the next 100?
Eventually people stopped pushing virgins into volcanoes to make the sun rise each day didn’t they?
I am not saying that change comes quickly, but it does come.
Apparently when Pope John was still alive, he asked Hawking not to attend a cosmology conference at the Vatican because he couldn’t trust Hawking not to actually figure out how the universe actually began, instead of believing the "cause God said so" crap.
The Pope was more interested in studying everything right up to the point of actual creation…then letting the old explanation of how things began from people so unscientific that they thought that the world was flat it from there.
Then again maybe the Pope just didn’t want Hawking to bring the crowd down with all of his doomsday predictions. The Pope was about 110 years old at the time. The last thing he needed was to hear with one foot already in the grave was about how we're all going to get wiped off the planet from some variant monkey virus that makes our heads explode when we eat seafood.
"I didn't fancy the thought of being handed over to the Inquisition like Galileo," Hawking said in a lecture to a sold-out audience at Hong Kong.
Amen to that.

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Source: Hawking: Humans must spread out in space, Associated Press, Tue Jun 13, 2006 
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