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Season Finale of FOX’s 24, Thank GOD
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Thank God the torture is finally over. It couldn’t have come soon enough.
I feel like I have been watching this show since the Super bowl.
Damn. Come to think of it. I have. I have tossed away four months of Monday nights to this show. I will never get those Mondays nights back.
By 10 o’clock tonight I will be released from 24, and just like Bernard Hopkins said to the Pennsylvania penitentiary that he walked away from 20 some years ago never to return, neither will I.
I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started watching this show. I had heard so many people say that they were addicted to the show that I gave it a shot.
Evidently I under valued my Monday nights. For whatever reason, maybe it was because the NFL season had just ended and I felt I had a vacuum to fill, I fell for the hype machine.
Don’t get me wrong. 24 was good for like the first 6 episodes.
Good lord. If I have ever watched something more gimmicky than 24 and it didn’t involve Giant Robots fighting Monsters from Planet Gargoyle hell bent on destroying Tokyo I would like to know what it was.
I would say that 24 jumped the shark, but it would be pointless, they “jump the shark” every week.
I understand that it is a story that could probably be wrapped up in a two hour movie of the week that they stretch out over 24 episodes, but Jesus Christ, the writers on this show use more tired tricks to keep you watching than Batman and Robin have in both their utility belts combined.
Seriously, the show’s bread-n-butter, the engine that keeps it moving along are carefully planned, uncharacteristic, absent mindedness on the part of their characters.
That’s what they are shoveling into the furnace pile after pile of “he did what?”.
Otherwise intelligent people doing uncharacteristically stupid things in order to squeeze another episode out of an already paper thin plot.
there you have it.
Jack has a tape incriminating the President of the murder of a former President and it never occurs to him to call Chole the Computer Freak who can access any network and download literally ANYTHING to Jack’s PDA to have her listen to the recording on speaker phone for everyone in CTU to hear.
That way if anything was to happen to the device or if it were to fall into the wrong hands, they wouldn’t lose the only piece of evidence they have against the president’s traitorous ass.
But no one ever thought of that.
In fact, no one even asked Jack if they could hear it for themselves, they just took Jack’s word for it.
And these are the people that are charged with finding terrorists and keeping this country safe from harm.
I mean since this season began we have been shown, or lead to believe that at one time or another, no less than 6 different people were the bad guy.
I mean Emperor Guillotine pulled the same trick on Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, he was never at a loss for a commander waiting for their chance to have their unquestionably perfect ploy to take over the world foiled by this 10 year old and his a remote control robot.
I thought it was pretty back cool then, but then again I was only 9.
In the first few episodes, the bad guy was some fat dude in a dark room with an earpiece surrounded by a bunch of flat panel televisions with EPSN and CNN playing on them.
Then the bad guy was some Russian who took over an airport terminal.
Then the bag guy was Ivan Erwich who turned out to be some plant that was just acting like he was a hostage at the airport.
Then after Ivan was gutted, the bad guy turned out to be some guy named Bierko.
No wait, then it was Walt Cummings. Walt Cummings was really pulling all the strings.
Nope. Sorry, spoke too soon. The bad guy is really Robo Cop, aka Christopher Henderson.
Ah-Ha, tricked you again.
Now the bad guy is really President Logan.
Damn. Is this ever going to end?
Now we have come full circle. By the 20th episode or so, some other guy with an ear piece just appeared out of nowhere, but instead of standing around in a room surrounded by flat panel television screens like the original ear piece dude, he is sitting in a nice cozy office with IKEA furniture all around the room with a few other conspirators drinking rum and cokes.
Do you have any idea how long you can string people along if every time you catch the bad guy you say, “Ah-ha fooled you, the bad guy is really…(pull back the curtain)…?”
You can do it for at least 24, 1 hour episodes, that’s how long.
Lord have mercy and end this gimmick tonight.
I can’t believe you people like this crap. Like I said, it was good for about 6 episodes…
I just kept watching it to see how it ended. I needed to get a return on my time spent investment. I won’t make that mistake again.

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