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Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Dead But Surprisingly Still In One Piece
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Its seems to be about 50/50 regarding how people in the Middle East took the news of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death.
About half saw it as a positive, and about half seem to thought it was a bad thing.
About half the people told reporters that they hoped he’d burned in hell, the other half said that he was a hero.
"I hope his death will be a new page for Iraq," said baker Zuhair Yassin, 25. "He can burn in hell."

"I'm overjoyed. God willing this will be the end of all terrorists. I hope Iraq can now begin to stabilise now this pig is dead," said Qeysar Ahmed, a Baghdad shop owner as he watched Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki make the announcement in a televised news conference accompanied by U.S. officials.

Then you had the other side.

"I think Zarqawi's death is a big loss for Iraq because he made the Americans bow to the ground. The Americans lost many troops because of Zarqawi and his followers," said Dya'a Hassan, a 25-year old worker from Ramadi.

In case you didn’t hear the US dropped a couple 500 pound bombs on al-Zarqawi's safe house.
I had always hoped that he would be put down. I mean this guy practically invented the televised beheading.
You can’t do that.
Personally, I was a bit surprised that he was still in one piece. You would think that if the coroner said cause of death “500 pound bomb dropped on head” then there wouldn’t be much of a corpse left to identify.
I mean, this guy didn’t even have his beard scorched.
Apparently US forces were led to him by following his spiritual advisor to his hideout.
He had a spiritual advisor? That’s funny. I guess Lucas was right. With every Sith Lord there is a master and an apprentice.
When I heard about his death I definitely felt as if some balance was brought back to the force.
I am not comparing myself to Alec Guinness, but I could tell that the sun was shinning a little brighter, the grass was a little greener and that birds have a little more umph in their songs.
You can’t try to single handedly start a civil war, pioneer beheading people on television and be a leader at blowing up people while they are worshiping at mosques or standing in line trying to get jobs in the police force and not throw something out of balance.
At least you can’t do that without getting a 25 million dollar price placed on your head and few 500 pound bombs.
What kills me are the people that actually think that he was doing good.
"We anticipated that he would be killed for a very long time. . . . We hope that he will join other martyrs in heaven." Zarqawi's brother, Sayel al-Khalayleh.

Ok, all that quote proves is that love is blind.

Cutting the heads off of people who have nothing to do with anything is some incarnation of justice.
If Allah signs off on that one then I think a lot of Muslims are going to be surprised when they see Dubya up in heaven with them. If God is Ok with that kinda stuff then there is no such thing as evil.
No one is an infidel. Heaven has room for everybody.
I could see someone who believes in reincarnation taking that point of view, maybe you were an asshole in as past life and you are just paying for it in this one.
But as far as I know Muslims don’t subscribe to that theory.
So what did Nick Berg have to do with Palestine or the current state of affairs in Iraq?
Who kill me are those people who think that a great injustice has been done if one of their own is killed but that it isn’t unjust in the least if they go and do the same to someone else.
Cold blooded murder isn’t just ever, regardless of who is doing the killing or who is being killed.
Apparently, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi didn’t die from the initial explosion.
Which is a miracle all by itself.
I don’t know the science behind 500 pound bombs but I didn’t know that those were the kind of things that you walk away from.
In fact, he was alive and mumbling incoherently on a stretcher when he realized that US forces were standing nearby and he tried to roll himself off the stretcher to escape.
Aww c’mon al-Zaraqawi, you are so close to your 72 virgins. Haven’t they waited long enough?
Maybe Abu Musab al-Zarqawi isn’t the one that is going to be rewarded in teh after life.
Maybe when he walks towards that light at the end of the tunnel it won’t be some desert paradise and 72 virgins waiting for him but the roar of a rabid crowd, the voice of Vince McMahon blaring over a speaker system and Nick Berg, of all people wearing a wrestling outfit, a leather mask standing with a steel chair tight in his grip waiting on al-Zarqawi to meet him in the middle of the squared circle for in a Barbwire Texas Death cage match…

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Source: Iraqis meet Zarqawi's death with joy, fear, Reuters, Jun 8, 2006
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