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The Sun Is Going Away, But Don't Panic
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Once again, this is the kind of a stuff that would be racist, if it weren’t true.
In 2001 in Nigeria there were actual riots because of a solar eclipse. Evidently some Nigerians took the solar eclipse as a sign that evil powers were at work and to flex their muscles they had made the sun go away.
Although the sun came back, they had made their point.
I think it should be noted that riots were not reported in Denmark where the eclipse was also visible, nor were there riots in Spain, France, Germany or Italy.
But Africans went on the nut.
That’s embarrassing.
Recently when the Nigerian government came into the awareness that another solar eclipse was going to be visible, the Nigerian government, anxious not to have a repeat of the 2001 riots warned the people that they “may suffer psychological discomfort” during the eclipse, essentially telling them “Please don’t panic. The sun will come back.”
According to the Information Minister, riots broke out in northern Borno state because the natives there didn’t know why it happened.
So instead of educating the people about why certain celestial phenomenon like solar eclipse happen, the dropped the ball and just decided that it would be best to warn them that “The eclipse is not expected to have any real damaging effect, only social and psychological discomforts are envisaged,” Nweke told them.
If I was a godless bushman and I heard that no real damage was expected to occur as a result of the sun disappearing, I would take that to mean that real damage is still possible, at least theoretically, although not expected and I riot anyway.
You had five years to educate people. It is possible to teach people stuff. It has been done in other places around the world.
Information Minister Frank Nweke did not elaborate further as to what the discomforts might be.
Which if you ask me, only invites the embarrassingly ignorant to let their imaginations run wild, which if you think about it, is what got us here in the first place isn’t it?

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source: Eclipse to cause 'psychological discomfort, Reuters, March 11, 2006
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