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Baghdad ER
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Here is a quote from the HBO documentary that aired last night entitled “Baghdad ER”.
It was supposed to be “can’t miss TV” and here is why.
“You don’t expect that the person getting killed or wounded in combat is going to be you.”
That, in a nutshell, is the difference between those who voluntarily enlist for military service and people like me.
You know, there is no way that you could make a program about war without someone, somewhere, giving a quote like that to air on television.
It is almost cliché. I am not saying that this young lady didn’t truly mean what she said, and I am certainly not trying to imply that she didn’t believe what she said.
The producers of that show didn’t make her say that. They didn’t pay her to say that. It was genuine.
She might have been high on pain killers at the time because she had so much shrapnel in her body that you could’ve pressed a refrigerator magnet to her forehead and it would’ve stuck but I do believe she was being honest.
You see, I expect that if anyone is going to get killed or wounded in combat it will be me, or at the very least, I have just as good of a chance of it being me as everyone else.
The young lady that said this had been in Iraq 1 day before she got her wig ripped off by an IED, which is an improvised explosive device for those of you that missed the program.
Evidently, being caught within the blast radius of one of these insurgent’s homemade ACME roadside bombs caught her completely by surprise.
I could get caught too, but it wouldn’t be by surprise that’s for damn sure.
So the difference between those of us that sign up for active duty and those of us that don’t isn’t the how much we love our country or how much faith we have in Bush’s vision of the future.
It boils down to those of us that think we are invincible and that “bad things” happen to “someone else” and those of us that understand that “shit happens whether you want it to or not, whether you are looking for trouble or not”, so why increase your odds?
Why drink in drive? Why have unprotected sex with a stripper at a bachelor party? Why fight Mike Tyson on a reality television show?
In case you are like me and seeing a connection here, I am guessing that these people also the same people that think that they can drive drunk and nothing will happen to them, they can do drugs, but unlike everyone else, they will be able to stop anytime they want to, and the classic, “I won’t get caught cheating on my taxes, because I am smarter than that.”
Well I don’t smoke crack because I believe I would end up addicted just like everyone else that smokes crack.
I don’t drink-n-drive because I don’t think driving head first into a tree is healthy long term.
And I don’t cheat on my taxes because I don’t think federal prison would be any easier on my ass then state prison.
Getting caught isn’t about being smart or dumb, its about not doing the crime in the first place.
I don’t believe that I am the exception to the rule, any rule.

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Source: HBO
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