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Another Piece of Evidence that Suggest Gays Are Born
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

The same group that showed a year ago that gay men had similar brain responses to hormones as heterosexual women has now shown that lesbian brains react differently to sex hormones than those of heterosexual women.
In fact, they react a lot like heterosexual men.
Once again, let’s hear it for science stating the obvious.
"The important thing is to be open to the likely situation that there are biological factors that contribute to sexual orientation," said Sandra Witelson, an expert on brain anatomy and sexual orientation at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.
All this says to me is the science is well on its way to proving that homosexuality is NOT a choice, but that it is rooted in biology.
And since religious people seem to subscribe to the belief that everything born naturally happens for a reason and with God’s blessing, they really need to get off of homosexual’s backs.
If the root of homosexuality is biological, then it is not only natural but God signed off on it didn’t he?
When you have a kid and one leg is shorter than the other, what does your pastor say when you ask him why?
He tells you that God works in mysterious ways but that your kid must be gimpy because God wanted him to be that way.
Take that last sentence and substitute gimpy for gay and you have your answer.
Homosexual acts might be a choice but being a homosexual is not a choice.
So then you might ask, what makes a homosexual if not homosexual acts?
It takes more than participating in homosexual acts to be a homosexual, just like it takes more than performing a heterosexual act to be a heterosexual.
In fact, you are heterosexual or homosexual before you ever even know what it is to even participate in an act of sexual gratification.
I offer myself up as an example. I have been heterosexual all of my life.
Before I even knew what sex was, I remember wanting to smash my little five year old body against Wonder Woman.
I didn’t even know what sex was.
Homosexuals are people who desire to experience sexual intimacy exclusively with a member of the same gender, as well as those who seek to emotionally, physically and spiritually to compliment and complete themselves with a member of the same gender.
This excludes girls that kiss other girls at parties solely for the attention they get from guys.
Those are girls participating in homosexual “acts” but are not true homosexuals.
The same definition goes for heterosexuals.
A heterosexual is someone who desires to experience sexual intimacy exclusively with a member of the opposite gender, as well as those who seek to emotionally, physically and spiritually compliment and complete themselves with a member of the opposite gender.
If you desire sexual intimacy with members of the same sex, then you are gay.
If you desire sexual intimacy with members of the opposite sex then you are straight.
If you don’t really give all that much thought to who blows your whistle, if anyone will do, then you are not straight.
And I don’t want to hear about experimentation and how I have to take that into account.
If you ever wanted a member of the same gender to sexually satisfy you then you are not straight.
It’s that simple. The fact is that straight people aren’t even curious.
If you don’t believe me, I will put money down that if you went through a period of time in your life when you kinda, sorta messed around with a few chicks when you were off in college, let these people from the research team at the Stockholm Brain Institute to prove to you that your brain acts kinda funny too when it reacts to certain hormones.
What I am saying is that you even want to experiment with a person of the same sex means that you probably have that brain abnormality thing that they are finding exists in homosexuals.
Maybe I shouldn’t say abnormal, that presupposes that heterosexuals are normal.
If heterosexuals are “normal” in any way whatsoever it is solely on the fact that they outnumber everyone else.
Norm in this sense is “appropriate” solely on strength of apparent majority of numbers not on being some gauge that suggests anything more.
I don’t even know if heterosexuals are the norm, per se, but apparently in this particular study they are at the very least the control group.
So a lot of you out there, by my definition are not straight.
In fact, if I had to put a number to it I would say that 10% of society is straight, 10% is probably gay and the rest of you bastards are somewhere in between to various degrees.
If you are a guy, and you fell in love with a dude, even if it was when you were incarcerated in prison looking at doing 10 years behind bars, you can turn your straight card in at the door thank you very much.
Being married and having kids doesn’t make you straight.
Fooling around with girls at a frat party doesn’t make you gay.
At least in theory, you could parade a schmorgesborg of half naked men in front of a straight guy and he is never going to want one of them to blow him.
Just like doing something really gay when you are drunk is no excuse, looking at a long prison sentence or being stranded on a deserted island is no excuse either.
Straight girls don’t swear to God that if they ever had the chance to “hook up” with Gwen Steffani would take her up that offer in a heartbeat.
Those people are different. I’ve got the science to prove it.

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Study: Lesbians' Brains React Differently, Associated Press May 8, 2006
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