RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
What Is The Point Of Being This Smart?
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

I love horror movies but I recently discovered that science fiction writers that base their books off of real scientific breakthroughs have a stranglehold on the kind of stuff that can keep you up all night.
I found out that in 1986 bioengineers mixed a tobacco plant with a firefly and produced a tobacco plant that would glow in the dark.
Back up a minute. I can see crossing members of the same species or even close to the same species but if you can cross a bug with a plant then how far are we from putting bull heads on human bodies?
But I think the most unsettling part in all of this is the fact that they did this 19 years ago. If they were doing this four years after Fast Times at Ridgemont High then what can they be doing now?
I found out that there are actual terrorist groups dedicated to stopping scientists from creating “singularity technologies” like true Artificial Intelligence in machines.
I didn’t think we were close enough to doing things like that to warrant a terrorist group.
Isn’t a terrorist group like the last line of defense from seeing something that you don’t want implemented given the green light?
I guess that was what was up the butt of the Unabomber. He was afraid that singularity technologies were going to jump off. He had a much better idea, going back to living in a pre-industrial society in super small villages without electricity. Hence the reason he lived in a shack.
Well once again I think the answer is somewhere in the middle. I am not about to go live in a dirt floor shack with Flintstones windows in it. On the other hand I also have no desire to be trapped in the Matrix even if that means I can walk on walls and dodge bullets in slow motion.
I am not so naive to think that if we did create true AI that it wouldn’t try to take us over and treat us like domesticate animals. I mean even if the first AI machines were friendly it would be our nature to piss at least one of them off enough to want to get rid of us. I think that is the conclusion that any intelligent being often arrives at with any prolonged exposure to our species.

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