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Freedom Of Speech? Man Goes To Jail For Lying About Holocaust
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Should it be a crime to lie? Obviously under oath, in a court of law, it should be. But how about lying about something in a book?
If lying were illegal across the board, celebrities couldn’t have publicists.
That is all publicists do. They lie.
If lying were illegal the White House couldn’t have a White House Press Secretary. Well, at least they couldn't have Scott McClellan.
I have a problem with laws that make things illegal or more illegal simply because we don’t like someone.
I have a problem with hate crime legislation for exactly those reasons.
I can get drunk and beat a guy up for being a clown for no other reason than I don’t like clowns.
But if I get drunk beat a guy up because I don’t like homosexuals, the courts tack another 5 years on to my sentence.
Why don’t we just tack 5 more years longer on all assault charges and call it a wrap? Why is it worse to beat up a homosexual than a clown?
In Austria, they have a law in the books there that makes it illegal to "deny, grossly play down, approve or try to excuse the National Socialist genocide or other National Socialist crimes against humanity in a print publication, in broadcast or other media."
Ok, so you’re telling me that someone can deny that Pol Pot killed 1 out of every 8 Cambodians, that’s 2.3 million people between 1975-1979 and not be charged with anything?
So in what principle is this law based upon? Why is it illegal to lie about the holocaust but perfectly fine to lie about anything else?
Right-wing British historian David Irving was sentenced to three years in prison for denying the Holocaust. He had previously claimed that there were no Nazi gas chambers at Auschwitz. He also said that Hitler had no knowledge that his lieutenants were killing Jews and claimed that the majority of the Jews that died in Auschwitz did so because they succumbed to diseases not gas.
Irving never said if the diseases that these Jews supposedly died from came from biologically engineered, unnatural shit that the Nazi had concocted specially for the Jews.
He was intentionally vague on that.
Don’t you think it’s a little ironic that practically on the eve of screaming and yelling about how unconditional freedom of speech and the right to criticize is a sacred western value that must be protected at all cost in the wake of muslims protesting all over the world the insulting caricature of the prophet Muhammad, the next week we are sending someone to jail here in the West for saying that the holocaust never happened?
What happened to that right to unconditional freedom of speech?
So he is lying? Big fucking deal?
Why can’t you lie?
Would I prefer it if everyone told the truth? Sure, but what can we do about it?
Make it illegal to lie.
Ok, well then do that. Toss freedom of expression under the bus, but don’t make it illegal to only lie about one particular subject and nothing else.
Are you suggesting should we make a law that says that if you can’t present convincing evidence behind things you say publicly then it should be illegal to say them?
Well then we need to round up every preacher in every pulpit in America that tells his congregation that man was made from a pile of sand that God blew life into.
What kind of evidence do they have to support that?
The Bible.
I said evidence. I am assuming ignorance will still be no excuse for the law right?
I’ve got a Marvel Comic that says that Wolverine can smell fly feces on an automobile windshield from a mile away, it doesn’t make it so.
Like I said, you can’t lie under oath in a court of law, but that is because in court we are trying to get down to the truth. That isn’t what you are doing when you write a book. You are trying to sell books.
The truth only comes into play if the truth will sell books.
It would be nice if everyone was trying to tell the truth, but like I said, good luck with that.
The fact of the matter is the principle behind this law can’t be “lying is wrong” because it is written specifically to address lying about only one particular event in world history.
There is something really fucked up about that.
Plus David Irving is a Right Wing Historian. He probably doesn’t even know how to tell the truth.
He doesn’t even have enough sense to only talk about things that can’t be verified like whether or not Hannibal had a sixth toe or something.
No he is going to say something doesn’t exist when anyone with two eyes and 20 bucks can go take a trip to Auschwitz and see for themselves.
Right Wing Historians are the same guys that make books that say that enslaved Africans loved being the White man’s property in the American south. They make books that say that women are actually happier cooking and cleaning up behind their men and that Jesus was a 6’2 blond haired blue eyed Aryan who hated Jews and considered Iceland the motherland.
I am surprised you are surprised.

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Source: Holocaust Denier Gets Three Years, Associated Press, 02/20/2006

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