There’s Hope After All: Huh? What Did She Say?
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

I read this article written by this Arab woman on the Iranian.com website that I thought was on point.
Her name is Azar Majedi, and apparently she is both a Communist activist as well as the head of the Organization for Women's Liberation dedicated to ending gender discrimination against women in Iran and throughout the world.
She writes for a website called the Iranian, an online community for Iranians living within the United States.
Ok, you might see where I am going with this already.
I have mentioned communist, women’s rights advocate, and online magazine…
Well I thought that the article that she wrote was so on point that it actually got me thinking maybe there is some validity to what you hear when people say that many in the Arab world hate these Islamic fundamentalist and what they stand for just like we do.
I know that she is only one voice but maybe she doesn't speak for herself.
I have heard people saying since 9/11 that Islamic fundamentalist don’t represent the vast majority of Arabs in the middle east, its just that those are the people getting all of the face time in the media because they are the ones kidnapping people and blowing shit up.
Well her strong words weren’t lost on me but I did notice that she was talking a lot of shit from here in the United States. There is just no way that I think she could get away with things like this in Iran…

This is their (Islamic Fundamentalist) weapon: resorting to terror while appearing as victims. They kill, maim, stone to death people for wanting their rights, for wanting freedom, for wanting a better life. They humiliate women daily, deprive them of their rights, torture them for not observing the rule of Islam, and when someone dares to tell the truth about their atrocities, they become offended, they cry for their “violated dignities”, they become “sacred”. This is nothing but blackmail. Just the same way as they take innocent people hostage daily, by crying for their “sacred” beliefs, they take our conscious hostage. This is their method of survival.
The world without unconditional freedom of expression and criticism will be a very doll and scary world to live. These values are result of long and hard fought battles. We have to preserve the right to unconditional expression and criticism. Nothing is sacred for everyone. Thus everyone must have the right to criticize or ridicule any “sacred” concept, object or belief. The only way we can build a better and more humane world is to safeguard with all our power these sacred values. Unconditional freedom of expression and criticism is the sacred value, we should maintain.
Islamists become offended and hysterical too often. They should learn to be more tolerant, more respectful of libertarian rights that have been won through long struggles by humanity and progressive forces. We should teach them to respect freedom and civil rights. We should teach them to respect women’s rights. We should teach them not too readily resort to terror and intimidation. How? By standing firm to their face, and say no apologies are due. If any, it is your turn to apologize for all your crimes against humanity.
That was strong. I mean real strong. And that got me thinking, is this woman like the Arab equivalent of Condoleezza Rice?
I mean, I know that she is Arab, but is she really Arab, if you know what I mean?
I mean does this woman write for the Iranian but really live in Kentucky with her white Republican husband and their biracial children that have been told that the reason they are darker than the other kids at their school because they have a skin disease, not because they are half-Arab?
I know blacks don’t have a monopoly on sellouts. Every group has them.
But the only reason I am even wondering if she is a sellout is because I am assuming that she is not tuned into the Zeitgeist of her people because what she said is completely opposite of what you would think the Arab world view is if you pay attention to the news.
And then I thought to myself, there’s always the possibility that I am pulling a Dubya here and underestimating Arabs so badly that I am giving her too much credit for just stating the obvious.
I really think that the whole “I’m an idiot” thing really worked out for Dubya. People I knew were so convinced that he was an idiot, which I still maintain is true, that when he was able to pronounce Poland during the debates with Kerry, they felt they needed to reassess how they looked at the guy, because just doing something as simple as that exceeded their wildest expectations.
Kerry could’ve explained the theory of relativity or how to Quantum Physics works and we wouldn’t have been impressed because we knew he was smart.
Dubya was like the younger brother that everyone considers a disappointment next to his older brother.
You know what I am talking about. While the older brother is a full partner at the law firm, the younger brother, who is only 28 months younger, in about the same time has managed to only complete about 24 college credits at the local community college in 10 years and still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life.
When the lawyer brother comes home and says that he is running for the state legislature everyone is excited but it’s kinda expected on some level.
Let the younger brother come home for thanksgiving and tell the family that he got a job in middle management over at UPS and everyone makes a big fuss out of it like he was just sworn in to the Supreme Court.
Maybe that is what is going on with this woman too. My expectations of reading an Arab writing something that isn’t sympathetic to Islamist fundamentalist are so low, that if anyone says anything remotely critical of these thugs I start doing back flips in my office chair and start nominating them for a Nobel Peace Prize.
For the record, I still don’t think that Dubya could point Poland out on a map.
same difference

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Source: Don't be intimidated! On the row over “offensive” cartoons, iranian.com, February 4, 2006

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