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Scientists explain why men like Kung-fu films
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Every kung-fu film ever made (God bless them) has been made on the same premise, the protagonist is seeking revenge for some wrong that has befallen him.
For some reason that theme resonates not just with Asian men but with men period.
Well scientist have discovered that reason.
It’s biological.
Apparently men don’t sympathize very much with people who suffer as a result of breaking the rules or wronging someone, in fact, they actually enjoy it.
In contrast, women apparently not only empathize with suffering, regardless if the person deserves it or not and they definitely don’t get any enjoyment out of it.

The scientists scanned the brains of 16 men and 16 women after the volunteers played a game with what they thought were other volunteers, but who in fact were actors. The actors either played the game fairly or obviously cheated.
During the brain scans, each volunteer watched as the hands of a "fair" player and a cheater received a mild electrical shock. When it came to the fair-player, both men's and women's brains showed activation in pain-related areas, indicating that they empathized with that player's pain.
But for the cheater, while the women's brains still showed a response, men's brains showed virtually no specific reaction. Also, in another brain area associated with feelings of reward, men's brains showed a greater average response to the cheater's shock than to the fair player's shock, while women's brains did not.
Where did they say women were from again, Venus?
How can someone not want to see “what goes around come around” happen a lot faster than it does?
Even Christians who believe that vengeance is in God’s hand surely wouldn’t object to God letting them watch.
I think the world would be a much kinder gentler place if karma was just about 4000 times faster than he is.
Even if God has called dibs on revenge, I don’t think he shouldn’t be selfish on selling pay-per-views.
I should get some perks for following the rules right?
What do I get out of following the 10 commandments? I get to avoid getting kicked into a lake of sulfur and brimstone?
That sounds like something a mob boss would say, “you know what you get for paying us our money? You get to keep your legs attached to your body, that’s what you get.”
See I am pretty much ok with any plot where the hero finds himself getting bloody revenge on someone that killed off his family, killed his teacher, killed his best friend or even did donuts in his front yard and ruined his lawn.
Revenge is a theme that I have no shame ns admitting that I bite on, hook, line and sinker.
But I have always wondered why my girlfriend can lay in bed with men and not get excited when Jet Li is beating the dog shit out of some guy that had him living in a cage in the basement and raised to kill for sport?
Didn’t she see how happy Jet Li was when he learned how to play the piano? How happy he was eating ice cream? Isn’t that reason enough to get revenge? The man denied him ice cream???
Now I don’t wonder.
Her brain isn’t wired right.
Historically men have been more than willing to be police officers, judge, jury and executioner and now we know that it just isn’t the testosterone which seems to be the going explanation on everything men do nowadays.
Our brains are wired to enjoy seeing the bad guy get pushed off a cliff or get chopped into pieces by spinning helicopter blades.
When Ice T told Wesley Snipes in New Jack City, “I want to kill you so bad my dick is hard” he was speaking for all of us.
But I must admit, this new information doesn’t fair so well for the “Jesus wasn’t gay” brigade.
If Jesus wasn’t gay why didn’t he want to see bad things happen to bad people like the rest of us do?
If you say it was because he wasn’t completely human, that his DNA was encoded in a different way than the rest of us, then doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of him being born human in the first place?
How does he know how it feels to be a man and what I go through everyday if he wasn’t using all the same biological programming as the rest of us?
I mean Jesus being a mutant does explain him walking on water and all but it kinda seems like he is cheating when it comes to not wanting to pound someone's face in for killing his wife and kids.
Jesus wanted us to turn the other cheek when some bad guy poisons our master and then kills him in a Kung fu duel?
If Jesus had the same DNA as the rest of us, he wouldn’t have told Bruce Lee after Bruce finds out that his master has been killed that he should forgive and forget.
He would tell Bruce that he needs to make sure he doesn’t forget his nunchakus.
same difference
man blows self up in botched attack on old high school bully
Maybe you are a loser? You are in your thirties and still bitching about what happened to you 15 years earlier in second hour gym class. What do you think?
Source: Study: Men Enjoy Seeing Bad People Suffer By MALCOLM RITTER, AP Science Writer, Wed Jan 18, 2006

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