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What Happens When Conservatives Turn On Conservatives
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

When you call upon the always angry fringes of your political spectrum to rally around you to get yourself elected you automatically legitimize them.
That is what it costs.
There is a reason that these guys are out on the fringes so to speak, it’s because these people almost never understand things like compromise, patience which goes hand in hand with not recognizing any other way of doing things than their own way of doing things.
Typically, these people are great at hyping themselves up into believing that they follow some higher calling, some greater good that they hope will end up sparing us from some inevitable, terrible, unspeakable disaster.
In general, their unspeakable disaster of choice that they are trying to avert is the fall of society.
If you don’t believe me take a walk out to the fringes and see where they see the world going. The Aryan Nation sees an inevitable race war between blacks and whites. The Al-Qaeda operative sees an inevitable Jihad between 1.2 Billion Muslims throughout the world and the 5 billion of everyone else on the planet. Conservatives see the eroding of white privilege in America, although I am sure they wouldn’t word it like I just did.
Liberals see the return of Nazi Germany, McCarthy-esque witch hunts, the Inquisition of religious Heretics and the eroding of civil liberties and lastly the entire economic middle-class to nothing. Black militants see the out right genocide of all African Americans through designed poverty, the deliberate spread of infectious disease and mass incarceration.
The one thing that all of them have in common is that they see themselves as the only thing standing in the way of everything in the world turning over on its head.
Each one of them has their popular charismatic figureheads, and surprisingly enough, they also have their fair share of otherwise rational, levelheaded moderates that time and again say to themselves, “maybe they have a point”.
But the problem is that when you mobilize people who think like this, you automatically legitimize them, and once you do that, they don’t ever go back in the box as neatly as they did when you first pulled them out.

"Among those attending the funeral were members of Patriot Guard Riders, a veterans motorcycle group that provides an escort and color guard at military funerals. Lately, the group has been serving another purpose, that of shielding family members from a Topeka, Kan., church whose members have been protesting at military funerals, saying soldiers are dying because God is angry with America's tolerance of homosexuality. About eight people from Westboro Baptist Church stood on the sidewalk across from the church, holding signs such as God Hates America and Thank God for Dead Soldiers. The Patriot Guard members stood with their backs to the protesters and held up a large tarp so Hunter's family would not have to see the protesters as they entered the church."
They also conducted a similar protest at Tuesday's funeral of Coretta Scott King who I always thought was a deeply religious woman but what do I know?
I am sure the Westbro Baptist Church can find something to damn her to hell for. Maybe she was black or something. That is always good for a one-way ticket to damnation.
Well now you’ve gone and done it. Mobilized the “we speak for God” movement and they have turned against one of the cornerstones of the neo-con image, the unquestioned heroism of the U.S. soldier.
Now God is killing U.S. soldiers according to the “we speak for God” movement because Americans are too tolerant of gays, a favorite target of the neo-cons.
These people act like Jesus Christ built his reputation on killing people that he didn’t like. That was Nero not Jesus.
People, Jesus was possibly one of the most tolerant men in recorded history even by today’s standards.
Back in his day, 2000 years ago, saying the things he did were practically unheard of.
Go back 2,000 years and then go back 10,000 years before that and count how many names of men you can come up with that were telling people to turn the other cheek and compare that list with the names that we still know of that went out and slaughtered tens of thousands of human beings.
Jesus never killed anyone that we know of. Jesus broke bread with the very same people that simply showing concern for will get you damn to hell by “we speak for God” movement all in the name of Christ.
But that is the good thing about the fringe, they eventually make their way back there after their usefulness is worn out.
Their 15 minutes of fame is just about over.
same difference

If you’re going to quote the bible, keep it in context
There is absolutely nothing in the religious culture to discourage a person from taking something that was intended to be literal and turning the literal “subjects” of sentences into metaphors.

Religious right fights evolution for the soul of America
The Norse creation myth has all the same unverifiable crap in it the Christian myth of creation does, and for those of you that just need to believe that there is some grand purpose to all of this, it has enough supernatural beings in it to make you feel comfortable.

Source: 'Can-do' soldier killed in Iraq honored at West Alex funeral, observer-reporter.com, Monday, February 06, 2006

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