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Enter the Great Sickness
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

As a writer, I am all too familiar with the idea that any story I write will ultimately be judged by whether or not I can come up with believable motivations for the choices my characters make.
Well, I don’t know about you, but there is a limit to how much can be blamed on a shitty childhood.
Remember that movie Speed starring Keanu Reeves? Wasn’t Dennis Hoper’s entire motivation for trying to blow up people on that runaway bus the fact that he lost his thumb in an accident? Dr. Doom wants to rule the world because Reed Richards startled him while he was experimenting with vials of volatile colored water and when they exploded he got a scar on his face.
To an adult, those motivations seem so childish it makes the villain seem laughable. If Dennis Hoper is blowing up a bus because he lost a thumb, imagine what he would do to the world if he found out that he was going blind at 56 for masturbating every day since he was thirteen.
Sean Kobin from Wisconsin spent his Thanksgiving in a Milwaukee jail because he “gets off by watching women vomit”.
Didn’t think that was a crime in a free country? Well you’re right, it isn’t a crime but helping them along by secretly feeding them “caustic liquid substances” against their wishes is a crime.
Thank god.
So if this was a fiction story I was writing what would be this guys motivation? What would you believe? Would you buy that he just liked to watch women vomit?
I can’t just leave it like that can I? That won’t stand. That isn’t even believable.
Not without a shitty childhood that is. If I tell you that this character was left at the shopping mall by his parents when he was a kid suddenly you buy it.
Well maybe you don’t buy it but at least you start listening to my sales pitch. You don’t hang up on me as soon I call.
I remember when police in Cambodia caught a cannibal red handed once, only to find out that they don’t have any laws in the books against cannibalism.
See, there are advantages to living in a crime riddled society such as we have here in the United States. When it comes to crime we’ve pretty much got all the bases covered.
There isn’t anything unnatural or inappropriate that I can do to a human body that isn’t already in the books, including finding a way to incarcerate people who “get off” watching women throw up.
I saw a scat porn mpeg once online where a guy was masturbating using a woman’s feces. If we can prove he slipped her a laxative can we lock whoever made that film away too?
Then we have Brian Tod Schellenberger, 43, of Cary, North Carolina was sentenced to 100 years in prison for creating child pornography as well as trying to hire a South Carolina man to kill his wife.
When he was originally questioned after his arrest in December 2003 he told FBI agents that he didn’t think he had done anything wrong, in fact, he was only doing what was natural.
Apparently one day at work Schellenberger told investigators that he was looking at a motivational poster that said Achieve Your Dreams. Schellenberger said he thought, why not achieve mine?"
According to court documents federal prosecutors said that investigators found a camcorder, two digital cameras, a girl's school uniform, a child's parasol, two dog kennels, a battle ax with extra blades and a black nylon suitcase filled with sex toys, whips, restraints and "instruments of torture" in Schellenberger's home.
All this because he was inspired by a “don’t give up on your dreams” poster in someone’s cube at work?
Are you kidding me?
That poster was supposed to inspire you to go on a diet or use that gym membership that you’re letting go to waste.
At no point in time during the manufacturing of that poster from conception to production did anyone intend for it to inspire your sick ass to start a child pornography studio and kill off your ex-wife.
I don’t know if having a shitty childhood can cast a big enough net over things like this. I really don’t. Actually I have a theory that it isn’t shitty childhood’s at all that make people like this, its spoiled kids. Kids that are accustomed to getting everything they want when they are kids not the kids that are actually deprived.
These are those temper tantrum kids you see on Super Nanny “all grown up.”
You know the kind that smack their mothers and spit at them and scream until they turn blue because they can’t eat ice cream for dinner?

same difference

mara salvatrucha: hands down, america's most dangerous gang
Because of the unique happenstance surrounding how they formed the Mara Salvatrucha they almost immediately had access to weapons that pretty much make them as well armed as some branches of the military.

Fuck being a cop
If I was 6’5 230 pounds when I was thirteen, with the temper I had, there would be a lot of people out there that have grown up to be productive members of society whose lives would have turned for the worst had I been able to sever their spines over my knee like I had fantasized about doing.

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