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when neo-nazi meets nickelodeon

Some people are destined to disappoint. As a former kid I know that is what kid's specialize it in. You don’t believe me?
Ask your parents.
Two blond haired, blue eyed Olsen twin rip offs named Lamb and Lynx are like the pop sensation among the American white nationalist communities.
Among their set list are songs like Sacrifice, which apparently is a tribute to Nazi and Hitler strong arm Rudolf Hess who “never gave up on his dream.”
I am willing to put money down that that at least one of them will end up having sex with a black dude before it is all said and done.
One day we will be watching Oprah or some similar daytime television talk show and there will be one of these girls talking about how fucked up their childhood was and how everything became clear to them the day they let down their guard and started dating Jamal.
Any takers?

"And if there is any universal truth in this world, it is not “what goes up must come down”, it's the more you repress your daughters when they are kids the wilder they will be when they are adults."
Is it just me or does it seem that every time someone pushes their kids super hard in one direction they ultimately push back equally as hard but in the entirely opposite direction.
Call me a prophet if it spooks you out how accurate I can be on things like this, but I’ve got a feeling that when these kids push back their mother has left them only one way to go, into a Ja Rule music video.
Their mother, the architect of this whole white nationalism meets Nickelodeon duo is the true racist. She is the one that has raised these girls to be just like her, except for one little detail, they have never known any different.
Eventually, especially when they reach that age when they are looking for their own identity, and their own way of doing things, their desire to see what’s in that box that mommy told them not to look in will be too tempting to pass up.
And that is when fate is at its best.
Fate loves it when you say, “when I have kid’s they will never do that,” fate loves that.
I have known so many children of nation of Islam families that fuck white women on the down low that it would do them good to just take their young men out to “white women retreats” when they are of age and just let them get it all out of their system so they don’t have to go to college and practically fail out of school fucking them then.
The only thing saving Lamb and Lynx is the same thing that saves all of these kids when they are young, they are surrounded by people who all think the exact same way that they do.
You can’t keep that up forever.
Eventually as adults they are bound to run into people who actually are friends with people of other backgrounds and that don’t have cooties.
Telling Lamb and Lynx that black men are animals with donkey cocks that hang to their knees and tails above their asses works when they are seven years old.
But that donkey cock part doesn’t have the same connotations when they are seven as it does when they are seventeen.
And if there is any universal truth in this world, it is not “what goes up must come down” or E=MC2“ it is more like, the more you repress your daughters when they are kids the wilder they will be when they are adults.
Source: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate, ABCNEWS, Oct. 20, 2005
same difference

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