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Prison Riot Went On for 15 minutes leaving 42 injured

First of all they don’t run prison the way that I would run a prison.
I would run prisons as safety first.
How do you even have a riot where every single prisoner is armed with knives that they have craved out of melted toothbrushes, clubs made out of bars of soap and tube socks, shanks made out of bed springs and what not?
A prison riot involving 70 white and Latino inmates broke out at San Quentin prison leaving 42 of the 70 injured.
Proving that when you really want to kill someone, knives made out of the ends of toothbrushes, bars of soap wrapped up in tube socks work just as well as anything else they could possibly make a weapon out of.
The prison guards allowed the fight to go on for 15 solid minutes before they pepper sprayed everyone and brought it under control.
That is the equivalent of a five round boxing match.
That is an eternity for a knife/club fight.
"This is believed to be an escalation of a problem that has existed at the prison for about eight days," said Sgt. Eric Messick, the prison spokesman. "Had staff not handled the situation so well, it could have been very scary."
Handled it so well? They fought for 15 minutes.
The correction officers say that the Latinos attacked the whites right after lunch but the whites were prepared for it and were armed and ready.
Messick and his staff aren’t calling it a race riot. I guess in prison just because they separate themselves by race doesn’t mean that when they fight it is always over race.
This particular fight started because a white inmate had a tattoo on his body that kinda sorta insinuated that he was down with a Hispanic gang in Southern California.
Well this led to this and that and the next you know the Hispanics beat his ass, then a few days later the whites beat a few of their asses and then you had a full blown riot.
Race had nothing to do with it.
Only in prison can 70 whites attack 70 Hispanics and race have nothing to do with it.
Maybe Toledo should take note of that.

Source: SAN QUENTIN, 42 injured in fight at San Quentin between white, Latino inmates
3 are hospitalized with severe injuries -- guards use pepper spray to break up melee.
San Francisco Chronicle, Tuesday, August 9, 2005
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