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Discovery of New Species of Human Screws with Human Evolution
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One of the reasons that Jesus freaks have a hard time looking to science for answers is because they know that what is considered true today, might not be true tomorrow.
Let’s face it. That doesn’t always sit well with some people. Particularly those people that know that technically speaking, if something is true, it will always be true. It isn’t subject to review. Truth isn’t something that is in the canon or out of the canon depending on who is looking at it.
Truth isn’t subjective.
But for someone to be that certain that something is true, they would need to know everything that there is to know about it.
And I am not sure that anyone can know something to that degree.
Well the theory of evolution took a hit recently when scientists discovered a completely different species of human that stood all of 3 feet tall, had a very small brain and a very human face. This human made and used stone tools, and was still alive and thriving as recently as 18,000 years ago.
The funny thing is that although this new discovery will force evolutionist to rethink parts of their paradigm of human development, creationist can’t really jump on board and start talking shit because the existence of a now-defunct human species has its problems with their belief system as well.
Creationists think all creatures that exist today exist in the same form that they did when God created them thousands of years ago.
This is weird because today seems to be the only time that modern humans have existed on this planet as the ONLY human species.
At some points in time there were as many as seven different species of human beings walking the earth.
"We now have the remains of at least seven hobbit-sized individuals at the cave site, so the 18,000-year-old skeleton cannot be some kind of freak that we just happened to stumble across first," said Bert Roberts, of the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, one of the authors.
These “hobbits” were found among what amounts to a dwarf world. They had tools like Homo erectus but everything was miniature. They even hunted pygmy elephants called Stegodons for food.
This new creature Homo floresiensis aka “the Hobbit” is tossing a wrench into the wheel for evolutionist, creationist will just ignore it, but followers of Edgar Casey will embrace it.
Edgar Casey has maintained since the 1950s from his “readings” that there were human beings walking the earth as tall as giants and as little a hobbits back in the day of Atlantis. But his opinions and statements are generally always dismissed without consideration because “readings” aren’t scientific and Atlantis has not only never been found, but people can’t even agree on where they should even look for it.
I am of the opinion that most ancient myths have their basis in some truth. I have come to that conclusion based on what I understand about how myths were used in a science less world. Myths were used to explain phenomenon where the nature or cause of that phenomenon is unknown or not easily explained.
But in the day and age of science, when modern adults still prefer to use of mythology explain away phenomenon it screams of ignorance.
Does it mean that we know everything there is to know about things?
Will things like Homo floresiensis crop up and make science rethink its ideas of human origin?
No doubt.
Now we know that there were as many as seven human like species co-existing on the earth seven million years ago with these “Hobbits” still around 18,000 years ago.
"So here we have a creature that is substantially different from modern humans, a totally new species of our genus, that lived almost into historical times. This has a number of startling implications," said Henry Gee, of Nature. "The uniqueness of our human lineage is something we have all grown up with.
"It is the foundation of our religion, our ethics and even our science that humanity has been isolated, is a single species, and has been for a very long time. This find challenges that. It is a remarkable fact that it is only at this moment, in 7m years, that there is only one species of human on the planet." Gee continued.
Although I understand that what Casey says isn’t scientific, and although I don’t expect anyone of science to believe what he has gone on the record as saying about human history, I do think as things like this are discovered that we should go back and reread his “readings” because unlike retroactive clairvoyance he told us about this ahead of time, without the use of cryptic speech and open-ended phrasing, we just chose not to listen.

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Source: From 18,000 years ago, the one metre-tall human that challenges history of evolution, Guardian, October 28, 2004
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