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Body modification artist transforms guy into a cat
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Ok, look God dammit.
I don’t know what purpose it serves to have this debate year in and year out as to whether or not someone is crazy.
Particularly when it involves people who change their names to cartoon characters like Optimus Prime, kill hobos because they think that they are demons, or gradually change themselves into a cat through painful surgery.
Dennis Avner aka Stalking Cat physically transformed his body through a series of surgeries into a tiger.
First he covered himself in stripe tattoos and then he paid a body modification artist to give him a cleft lip and flattened then upturned his nose to resemble a cat.
He also paid to have his ears elongated and every morning he puts on his synthetic whiskers that attach to his face through his pierced lip.
Not only is he crazy, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was gay to boot.
I don’t know what it is, but something about this story just screams “hey’ I’ve got a secret and my closet is too small for it to fit.”
Then again, he is native American so maybe this is all about his deep belief in their customs and is really what drove him to turn himself into his totem animal.
Which if that is true, that a deep belief in your customs would drive you to do something like this, it would give the best explanation that I have heard as to why everyone from Columbus to the puritanical bible thumping peace loving pilgrims came over here kicked their asses and took everything that they had.
It also doesn’t help that he still makes a decent living as a computer repair man despite the fact that he looks like this.
Just goes to show how desperate people must be to get their computer fixed.
Apparently it is illegal in the US for a plastic surgeon to do any surgery that would alter someone’s appearance beyond what society deems normal.
So you learn something new everyday.
So where do those women with 78 HHH tits go to get those automobile bumpers installed on their chests?
Probably the same place this guy went to get his ears stretched out.
He went to body modification artist named Steve Hayward who did all of this without anesthetic or without conscious knowing full well that he must be operating on a very disturbed young man.
"It's something that I've always wanted to do - something that I've always had to do - but finding somebody that could do it is an entirely different matter," Cat says of his obsession.
Ok, that is his take on this. What do the professionals say about it?
Professor Kevin Gournay of the Institute of Psychiatry says that it's possible that Cat could have an unusual form of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).
Ya think?
same difference
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Source: stalking cat (Dennis Avner), BBC, Monday 29th august 2005

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