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Katrina Did What Had To Be Done

As you know, I am not in this to win any popularity contests.
Sometimes things are broken way before we get rid of them. Let me give you an example of something all of us have experienced.
You and your girl barely talk to each other anymore. And when you do, you never seem to get along. What you once thought you could deal with about her personality you realize was the hormones talking because you can’t.
You are not in love with her anymore and you are pretty sure she isn’t in love with you either. But you’re still together aren’t you. Why?
Then you meet someone else by chance, very innocently and you pick up and leave with your new love. Did the other woman steal you away? No. The relationship you had was already broken. It was broken a long time ago. It was done. It’s just that nobody bothered to call it quits. Maybe you were too comfortable, too lazy, who knows why. That is until someone else came along and made it is easy for you to do what needed to be done.
That is how I look at New Orleans and hurricane Katrina.
You have a city that is sitting at some places 10 feet below sea level in what amounts to a big ditch. It is surrounded by a river on one side and a lake on the other.
The only thing keeping you dry all of this time was a man made levee.
For as long as I have been alive I have been hearing people say that New Orleans is an Atlantis just waiting to happen. All it is going to take is one well placed hurricane.
Year after year, every single summer there is a “near miss” as hurricane after hurricane makes it way into the gulf.
How long did you think it was going to go before New Orleans got bingo?
Instead of looking at this as some apocalyptic event foreshadowing the fall of civilization or being to arrogant as to compare it to the Tsunami that hit the Indian ocean and killed almost a million people, I say, while we acknowledge the tragedy in terms of the loss of life, we need to look at this as an opportunity to do what needed to be done a long time ago and that is move the fuck out of New Orleans.
House Speaker Dennis Hastert said the same thing, "it makes no sense to spend billions of dollars to rebuild a city that's seven feet under sea level" which it doesn't, but then because I guess it’s popular to talk about rebuilding these days everyone took the opportunity to jump on him and the next day he had to back peddle for political reasons.
That is why I could never be a politician.
The fact of the matter is, whether it is popular or not, it doesn't make sense to rebuild New Orleans.
Hastert later issued a statement saying he was not "advocating that the city be abandoned or relocated."
"My comments about rebuilding the city were intended to reflect my sincere concern with how the city is rebuilt to ensure the future protection of its citizens and not to suggest that this great and historic city should not be rebuilt," the statement said.
See that is politics, calling New Orleans "great and historic" the day after when you are trying to apologize for something.
It can still be great and historic, only leave it past tense, like Atlantis.
Mother Nature has reclaimed New Orleans. This would’ve happened naturally some 45 years ago but we were just postponing the inevitable.
Road signs and cables lie on ght ground as Mississippi State Highway 90 was destroyed when Hurricane Katrina came ashore. Hundreds were feared dead along the U.S. Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina sent a wall of water into Mississippi and flooded New Orleans. I say anything that is flooded we just write off. Let’s not waste any of our time trying
to pump water out of this ditch and let’s not spend good tax payer dollars rebuilding a city in the same spot as before, between a river and lake, right smack down the middle of hurricane alley.
I say we take a surveyor, have him walk to the exact point in which the flooding waters stop, plant a flag in the earth, call it NEW New Orleans and start building right at that spot but away from the Gulf.
If New Orleans wants to earn revenue, I say they turn the part that is underwater into a scuba diving park, charge like 2,000 to dive there and tell the divers that they can keep any treasure that they find.
What would be the point in rebuilding New Orleans exactly where it used to be, to go through this crap all over again in a few years maybe?
What a waste of money, time and possibly lives.
Fewer than 50 percent of New Orleans homeowners even had flood insurance even with living in a geological depression in the earth 10 feet below sea level, between a river and a lake dodging hurricanes.
In other words, we should be looking at this as an opportunity to do things right this time. As an opportunity to finally upgrade the levees that people were “talking” about doing before Katrina made us do it.
Katrina is going to make New Orleans institute new building codes so that when and if people do end up rebuilding they do it in such a way that it could withstand the type of storm that came in and knocked everything down this time.
Except for if Katrina just blew things down we wouldn’t be having this problem.
I have one word for New Orleans…

Source: Hastert Questions Rebuilding New Orleans,Associated Press, September 1, 2005
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