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Homosexuality and the Samurai, all the proof you need that fags can kick ass

Arguably no civilization, except for the Ancient Greek, were more gay than the Japanese.
Just because they are a distant second, don’t hold it against them. Anyone would come a distant second being compared to the Greeks.
The Greeks were so gay that they literally saw no purpose for women.
The Japanese were so gay that their was more social status in having Brad Pitt on your arm than Angelina Jolie.
I just want it to be known that keeping gays out of the military is a friggin crime.
Look at history. The Nazi were the most successful gay army ever assembled. Nearly all of the highest ranking officers in the SS were gay. They were founded by a homosexual and their earliest meetings before they gained power in Germany were held in well known gay bars.
Not only was homosexuality the thing to do in feudal Japan, but they kept such good records of it they can trace it back to the individual monk, a man named Kukai who started the whole nanshoku or “male love” craze in Japan.
The rumor is that although sex was forbidden in Buddhist monastic code, he “interpreted this” as only pertaining to "heterosexual love" not intended to forbid getting it on with cute, baby soft, shaved, oiled up, impressionable young "grasshoppers".
And the reasoning the samurai used to explain why they didn't like having sex with women were no different than the reasoning for the Nazi or for the Greeks.
In a nutshell their argument was this, women have no use except for birthing children, they make for shitty partners in combat because they can’t fight.
In the ranks of the samurai, taking on young male lovers was the thing to do. Although at 18 the relationships were ususally ended for the most part because at that time, it was believed that the boy had become a man at 18 and was old enough to take on his own young piece of man ass. But to me that sounds kinda like, by 18 these ass kicking pedophiles don’t have interest in you anymore because now they want to get themselves some new young man ass.
You would think true homosexual love and affection for another of the same sex wouldn’t just abruptly stop at his 18th birthday.
Apparently it all came to a stop rather suddenly when Japan became obsessed with modernizing itself and becoming more like Europe. They began to do away with any tradition that they saw as being inseparably tied to the old “backward” Japan.
And make no mistake about it, once Europe, and their Judeo Christian attitude towards homosexuality caught wind to how openly gay Japan was, Japan began to adopt a more western attitude towards its “backwardness”.
None of this is neither here nor there as far as I am concerned because the one common theme throughout all of this is that homosexuals have a history of kicking people’s ass.
Evidently before warfare got so "high tech" homosexuals held their own.
Damn, that sounded pretty gay didn't it.

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Source: The Love of the Samurai: A Thousand Years of Japanese Homosexuality

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