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World Renown Chicken Nazi Hopes To Kill 500,000 Chickens A Day.

Harm Kiezebrink has created the ultimate killing machine, the AED-100. It can kill 10,000 chickens per hour.
What’s his beef with chickens?
Its nothing personal. It has everything to do with Bird Flu. Over the last 16 months H5N1 or Bird Flu has been pretty much rolling unchecked through Thailand, Vietnam, China.
The only way to stop Bird Flu from jumping species and getting into us is to kill all infected birds.
Hence the AED-100 which is designed to do just that, kill every single infected bird on the planet.
It about the size of a shipping container and it basically takes a chicken dunks it in water and then electrocutes them.
"The death is split second," Kiezebrink says.
"Kiezebrink is one of the most well-known chicken killers in Europe," says Roy Wadia, spokesperson for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Beijing. The agency has been warning about the epidemic for months. Kiezebrink made his name two years ago when the Netherlands was besieged with infected birds. At the time, he reworked killing machines, originally designed for slaughterhouses, into mobile units. "Eleven million birds" were killed, he says, without missing a beat.”
One of the most well-known chicken killers? You mean there are others people in Europe renown for killing chickens?
Before you get all PETA on me listen, if someone doesn’t do something about Bird Flu, literally millions of humans could die.
Already 50 people have caught it and as soon as Bird Flu mixes with Human Flu its pretty much going to be fucked up to be alive.
And it will be people like Kiezebrink, world renowned Chicken Nazi that we might have to thank if saves us.
Remember when PETA was trying to make the analogy a few years back between Nazi concentration camps and chicken farms, well, now I see their point.
In Asia they have already killed 140 million birds in order to control possible Bird Flu outbreaks and that still wasn’t enough.
50 people still caught it.
Last year people in Asia were just stuffing chickens into plastic bags, stunning them with shovels then tossing them into a pit and setting them on fire.
Apparently that was too many steps.
"Often birds that were still alive fought their way out of the sacks and then disappeared in the undergrowth," Kiezebrink says. "And they took the virus with them."
So in response to this Kiezebrink has created a smaller more economically affordable but no less efficient version of his chicken killing machine that he claims any poor Chinese or Vietnamese farmer could afford.
He claims 50 of these bad boys could kill 500,000 chickens every 24 hours if they had to.
This guy frightens me. So I know if Ingred Newkirk ran into this guy her head would explode.

Source: Killing the Chickens Before They Kill Us, Reuters, July 13, 2005
same difference

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