Israel refuses to extradite Jew accused of war crimes

File photograph dated April 18, 1961 shows Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi S.S. colonel who headed the Gestapo's Jewish Section and was responsible for the death of millions of Jews in Nazi concentration camps, stands trial inside a bullet proof booth in a Jerusalem court flanked by Israeli police.There’s nothing like being consistent.
For those of us that at least try to live by principle, the world can be a very frustrating place.
From where we stand, if stealing is wrong, then stealing is wrong independently of who is doing the stealing or even why someone is stealing.
It doesn’t mean that stealing 100 million dollars out of some old persons retirement is the same as stealing 1 dollar out of their change purse, at least in regards to amount of harm comes as a result, but it is equal in the fact that you are knowingly taking something that doesn’t belong to you.
Now the problem comes into play when you make a rule of punishment regarding violating the principle.
For example, anyone that steals gets 50 lashes with a barbed wire.
Sure, they understand that it wouldn’t be fair to give the same 50 lashes to the person that stole 1 dollar as the person that stole 1 million dollars but they address this issue completely differently than people who live by principle.
What most people do is just pick and choose who they are going to punish or don’t punish.
From where I sit, I would say be careful of what kind of punishments that you levy against people because you have to be fair about divvying out the comeuppance.
Well most people don’t think that way.
When it serves their purpose they are all about law and order and justice being swift, but when it comes to one of their own, suddenly they pull out a new set of rules.
We have seen it when Clearance Thomas said that burning a cross was not protected by the U.S. Constitution but wearing a Swastika is.
We have seen it when the U.S. House of Representatives changed the ethics rules to protect Tom Delay, one of their own, from being brought up on ethics violations.
Somehow I doubt that they would’ve done that to protect a democrat in the same situation.
We have seen it during every single sporting event ever held where a call goes against the home team, the crowd boos, the replay on the big screen shows that the referee made the correct call and the crowd still boos.
That is the most consistent thing about people, regardless of who they are or where they live, the most consistent thing about people is that they are inconsistent when it comes to living by their principles.
The only thing that seems to be consistent about Israel is that there is clearly a different set of rules for Israelis and everyone else.
We are talking about the same Israel, that actually sent their own thugs the Mossad into other sovereign nations, literally kidnapped Nazi who were living their under assumed names, didn’t bother to go through any no extradition treaties, beat them up and forcibly extradited them back to Israel, tired them in their courts and then executed them for “war crimes and crimes against Jews”.
Adolf Eichmann is a perfect example. Four Mossad agents abducted him from a bus stop in Buenos Aires. He was shoved into a waiting car, his hands and feet were tied together, and he was blindfolded and gagged.
Once the Mossad were satisfied that they had actually kidnapped and beaten up the right guy they brought him to Israel, tried, convicted and hanged him nearly two years to the day after they picked him up at that bus stop.
But now Israel is refusing to extradite a Polish-born Jew who has been accused of war crimes against Germans in World War II.
Israel in this case just simply refused the request for extradition by saying that there was no basis whatsoever to extradite Solomon Morel, an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor and just left it at that.
Solomon Morel has been accused of killing 1,500 Germans in what have been called ‘revenge killings” in a book that was written by US Jewish journalist John Sack on the very subject of very suspect killings of Germans that occurred when Jews were placed in charge of Russian prison camps at the end of the war.
If this was an 86-year-old German that had killed 1,500 Jews instead of a Jew who killed 1,500 Germans their would be international outrage if Argentina simply denied a request for extradition on “technical grounds”.
Solomon Morel, an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor, who had lost nearly all of his family during his stay in a concentration camp during Nazi Germany ran a Russian concentration camp where Germans were held after the Soviets came in and occupied Poland in 1945.
”There should be one measure for judging war criminals, irrespective whether they are German, Israeli or any other nationality,” said Ewa Koj of the Polish Institute for National Remembrance.
I agree. But that would be living by principle. Not enough of us do that here.
Some 100,000 Germans were imprisoned in these camps in 1945 and roughly 15% or 15,000 of them never made it out alive.
I can hear you all sitting there right now thinking, “well I can understand why the Israelis aren’t handing Solomon Morel over to the Polish, he is “one of theirs”.
Well I guess it all depends on how you define “one of ours”.
When you define “one of ours” by things like skin color, ethnicity and nationality then you get things like this.
When you are a person of principle you don’t define one of ours by things like race, gender, ethnicity and nationality. The tie that binds are your principles and nothing else.
When its all said and done all you have is your character.
Some people don’t even have that.

same difference

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Source: War crime suspect stays in Israel, BBC, Thursday, 7 July, 2005

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