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Real Life Human Torch Almost Too Bizarre To Believe

Atheists have the hardest time with this kind of stuff because you’ve got to admit, if you have faith in God, even more importantly, faith in the existence of a devil or otherworldly evil, things like this are much easier to explain.
A 19-year-old man named George Robinson, a Bridgewater State College student was asked to leave his home the other night by foster mother because “he was scaring her other children”.
So he listened to her request and decided that he would respond by setting fire to the couch, lighting himself on fire, then running outside and stabbing himself repeatedly in the stomach, and then slicing his wrists open while he literally melted on the front lawn.
Ok, well if he wasn’t scaring the kids before, he was now.
When the police and fire department arrived George was standing out in the front lawn with what police are calling “two flaming knives”, one in each hand, threatening firefighters if they tried to put the house out.
Well thinking quickly, and after no doubt saying a prayer or two for their own lives, the firemen turned a water hose on George knocking him to the ground so they could get around him to attack the house fire.
Well by that time the damage had been done.
George had held fire fighters off just long enough for them not to be able to save the house.
George apparently had kept them at bay for four whole minutes with those two knives in his hands.
Eye witnesses reported to hearing George saying things to them like “watch my flesh burn” while the fire fighters watched in horror.
"There was a glare in his eyes," said Lauren Bernardino, 16. "He looked like a killer".
Since when do you have to stand in the front yard on fire with two knives in your hands to look like a killer?
That isn’t like any killer I’ve ever seen.
Well George still wasn’t done.
Sure he was on fire, armed with two flaming knives and had been knocked off his feet with a water hose by the men on Engine 9 but he was still inspired.
In fact, before it was all done eye witnesses say it took seven police officers to bring him down.
But before it came to that George was still on the nut. He charged one officer who had his gun drawn on him. The other officers on the scene sprayed George with mace to hopefully slow him down but it had no effect on him because his nose had melted shut and so the mace couldn’t do its thing.
Somehow in all of this George managed to pick up a sharpened pipe from somewhere in the yard and put it up against his own neck as if he was going to hurt himself.
At this point the cops on the scene should have started daring him to do it and hoped that he took them up on it.
He is already smoldering.
His face is melted off.
The house behind him is burned to the ground and let’s face it, the other foster kids are beyond terrified at this point having escaped certain death in that house by climbing out of the back windows.
Plus I’m just guessing here but I doubt George is going to like “the new you” even if they do talk him down.
"He’s African-American and all you could see was white on his face," Bernardino continued, adding that he was strapped down after authorities eventually got him under control.
That can’t be good.
Well Officer Richard Bernier, who was the first cop on the scene, the one who had his gun drawn but didn’t blow George away when he had the chance, approached George to try to talk him out of doing any more damage to himself than setting himself on fire had already done. And for his altruistic efforts, George ended up stabbing officer Bernier with the sharpened end of the pipe.
"I understand there were some mental health issues," Police Chief Raymond O’Berg said.
You don’t say?
Adam Rodrigues, 20, George’s best friend and also a Bridgewater State College student said of George that in the past couple of days “You were looking into his eyes, there was no life, no love -- he wasn’t happy."
Rev. Steven Rodrigues of The Church of the Crossroads in New Bedford, said of Robinson, "Something must have driven him. This is something out of his character. Something must have pushed his buttons."
I fully expect there to be a noticeable increase in people attending church services in Massachusetts, this Sunday and for the next few Sundays, I would guess.
Better yet, maybe we could all just ask Tom Cruise if he would be so kind as to speak to the congregation as to how all of this could have been avoided had George just put more vegetables in his diet and gotten more exercise.
Because after all, Tom knows the history of Psychiatric medicine and mental illness is all a bunch of crap.
In my opinion, this is the result of either the devil or a chemical imbalance.
Setting yourself on fire, taking out a cop with a pipe, having to be wrestling down by six others and holding off the entire Engine no. 9 is not the result of not getting enough potassium.

Source: Authorities: Man stabs cop, sets blaze, JRC News Service, 06/30/2005
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No tarot cards. No crystal ball needed. The blank stare of a child doing all that it can to bury yet another day in their lives into that section of their subconscious that can only be retrieved via past life hypnosis would give them away.

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If I was 6’5 230 pounds when I was thirteen, with the temper I had, there would be a lot of people out there that have grown up to be productive members of society whose lives would have turned for the worst had I been able to sever their spines over my knee like I had fantasized about doing.