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Internet porn takes it in the ass

So Bush did get rid of porn on the Internet after all.
This new federal law that goes into effect at midnight June, 23, 2005 requires website owners to keep records documenting, among other things, that every performer portrayed in a visual depiction of actual sexually explicit conduct is over the age of 18. The penalty for not being able to produce satisfactory records that document any and all performers as being over the age of 18 is five years in prison.
So by tonight at 12 midnight an awful lot of pornography is going bye-bye.
Even adult humor sites that show funny videos and funny photographs that have been collected from the internet second hand must be removed or they face prison time.
So much for free porn.
So much for me posting a file of Chloe Sevigny giving that guy a blow job in Brown Bunny. I hope you enjoyed it while it was up there.
I don’t have any papers on hand that says that Chloe Sevigny is over 18. I am sure that whatever film studio made that film can prove that she is but that isn’t what the law says.
It specifically states that I must have proof on hand.
Well I don’t.
That would be two years in prison served hot and ready.
"If the original content producer can't be found or went out of business or is unwilling to release information, that causes this content to become criminal overnight," said adult industry attorney Lawrence Walters. "These webmasters are facing felony charges if they continue distributing images they've been distributing for the last five to 10 years."
Say goodbye to free porn.
Say goodnight to nude communities where people post their candid photographs of themselves and their partners.
Say goodbye to the eleventybillion adult humor sites out there that collect videos from all over the internet, television and whatnot and post them not at all in a pornographic way but as adult entertainment.
What I don't understand is that if you want to protect children from being exploited in a pornographic way what was wrong with the existing laws that already require the person that originally produces the porn to have proof of the actress being over 18?
Why wasn’t that good enough?
Why would you pass a law like this unless your ultimate goal is really to reduce the amount of porn and the access to pornography on the internet period.
And if that is your point, quit lying to us about how you’re doing this to protect children from being exploited.
Why would you go that extra step to make much of the pornography on the internet potentially illegal overnight?
I could see it if you even said "from here on out you've got to have records", but that isn't what they did.
Good luck finding documentation on a 24 year old college girl that did a fuck film 10 years ago, under a fake name and who is married now and doesn't want to be found.
I guess this could boost the economy as the private investigating industry sees a boom as pornographers search for the blond who was giving a blow job in the hotel maintenance closet in Bigger Boobs In Even Smaller Bras 12.
I mean even Yahoo and Google could be in trouble because their search functions can pull up adult images and so under this law they need to have documentation of every naked person that comes up for someone on a search.
Pornography produced before July 3, 1995 is considered “vintage” and is exempt from this rule.
What sense does that make?
I blame every single one of you that voted for George Bush. I really do. Not that you care.

same difference

Federal Judge Rules In Favor of Porn, Common Sense
I am just as disgusted as these prosecutors are that Extreme Associates can not only keep the lights on but thrive selling pornographic murder and rape flicks but I am every bit as offended by most reality television programming that you see on television and society considers those in good taste, so go figure.

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Let’s get this straight, I like porn as much as the next guy but if all the porn performers went on strike tomorrow I would be the last person to volunteer as a scab replacement.

Source: Blue Law Makes Webmasters See Red , Wired, June 16, 2005

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