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Michael Jackson Acquitted

Realistically what does it take to convict a celebrity of a crime in America?
We couldn’t even convict Beretta.
There wasn’t ever a chance Michael Jackson was going to be found guilty.
And I would like to take a second here to step away from where everyone is going to want to go with this one.
Everyone is going to talk about the credibility of the accuser and his mother. Legal experts will be crawling all over your televisions tonight telling you how these two didn’t have any credibility.
Credibility? Why did they need credibility?
I would think that anyone as bizarre as Michael Jackson could be convicted on at least one of those charges on general principle.
I’m mean he looks like a ghoul, at least get him on the providing alcohol to a minor charge.
I mean come on, toss us a bone.
Well don’t fall for that trap.
Anyone short of Jesus himself isn’t going to go be credible enough to convict a celebrity in America. And I doubt even Jesus would be able to stand up to cross examination.
Especially not a celebrity as big a Michael Jackson.
You have Kennedys that no one has ever heard of burying their ex-girlfriends in their backyards and they still get off.
In light of this, if Michael Jackson continues to share his bed with little boys, he is more than just bizarre.
He has a problem with reality.
Reality is that Michael will be facing charges like these again if he keeps doing stuff like this.
And next time a jury will convict him. He should consider this a reprieve.
This kid was a cancer patient and he tried to shake him down. If you can’t trust a kid with one foot in the grave then who can you trust?
Sincerely, I would say to Michael, fuck them kids.
I wouldn’t sugar coat it. I wouldn’t cut him lose until he understood.
Fuck those kids. If you want to help children do a benefit concert, let them have a free go on the ferris wheel in your backyard. Let the clown make them some free balloon animals.
Just keep them out of your bed.
And this isn’t about sticking to your guns against some prosecutor with a personal agenda against you.
Trust me, this isn’t the hill that anyone would want to die on.
Michael isn’t sleeping in the bed with little boys for world peace.
He isn’t sharing his bed with little boys so he can integrate the University of Mississippi or even lower the price of gasoline.
He is sleeping with kids because Michael likes to.
See, that gives people shivers.
I don’t care if Michael Jackson is completely innocent of these charges. He might be. I don’t care if everything that goes on at the Neverland Ranch behind closed doors is all as innocent as Michael insists that it is.
I will say it again. Michael, fuck them kids.
They say that you are addicted to something if you can’t stop doing it.
Michael you can’t be the only adult in the room with a bunch of 12 year olds.
Not you.
Not anymore.
Defending himself against these particular charges reportedly cost Michael Jackson close to 30 million dollars.
Thanks to this trial we know that Michael Jackson is broke. He makes 8 million a year but spends 30.
This year I guess he will spend 60.
And these people supposedly didn’t have any credibility. Imagine if they did?

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Source: Michael Jackson Acquitted of All Charges , Associated Press , 06/13/2005

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