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Agent Orange, a little more than just bug spray

I always thought agent orange was a mix between orange gasoline and that stuff that Lester Hayes used to smear all over himself when he played for the Oakland Raiders in the early 80s that made the ball stick to his body.
Then for the longest time I thought it was called Asian Orange since that is where we used it, and I don’t think it has been used anywhere else since.
I also thought that it was orange. It isn’t. The only reason it was called Agent Orange is because they shipped it in an orange container.
It could have very easily been Agent “Gun barrel gray”.
Agent Orange is a herbicide. It is made out of a 50/50 mix of two herbicides, 2,4,-D (2,4, dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) and 2,4,5-T (2,4,5 trichlorophenoxyacetic acid) which were originally used as weed killers.
Someone had the great idea to mix the two of them together to kill dense vegetation that might be hiding ambushing Gooks.
What came out of it was is this super Raid that is still making children in Asia come out looking like Zippy to this day.
What I also didn’t know was that Agent Orange was not at all unlike the members of G-Force or the Voltron team in the sense that as a part of a team each member was distinguished by his own color. Not only was there an Agent Orange but there was also an Agent White, Agent Blue, Agent Purple, Agent Pink and Agent Green which were just some of 15 different herbicides also used in Vietnam.
So what is the big deal about Agent Orange?
See that kid.
This kid looks the way he does because one of his parents or both were exposed to Agent Orange.
I don’t know if they had been marinating their steaks in agent orange or what but I must admit it, this does make me wonder what the active ingredient is in that orange slop.
Not to mention, what did they add to Agent Orange to make it so appetizing, corn syrup?
How do you accidentally eat enough bug spray to have your kid come out with a sharp point sticking out of the top of his head?
I think you’ve got to think twice next time you take out a can of raid to kill a spider.
Use your foot for Christ’s sake.

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Source: Treårige Xuan - ett offer för Vietnamkriget, Aftonbladet, Tuesday April 26, 2005