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Trailer trash wife catches husband banging his own sister

A brother and sister were caught having sex in Birmingham, Alabama and could each serve 10 years in prison if convicted.
They were caught when the wife called police after she suspected that her husband and his sister were having sex. When police arrived she let the officer into their trailer home and the deputy saw the two of them getting it on in the bedroom.
The officer claims that he had to tell the couple to stop not once but twice.
Now according to Alabama law, which I would suspect is pretty lenient about this sorta thing, Ronald Stewart Howze, 44, of Trafford, and Lori Ann Rotton, 41, of Smyrna, Ga., the biological brother and sister in question could each serve 10 years in prison when convicted by the eye witness testimony of the arresting officer.
Ronald Howze allegedly told the officer he was banging his sister because he wanted to "go out crazy" after being diagnosed with cancer.
What kind of cancer dose this guy have? What kind of prognosis did his doctor give him, 24 hours?
”Good thing you came in to see me today Mr. Howze. You’ve got cancer and you don’t have long to live. I would say you’ve got about 18 hours by my estimate. If I were you I would make sure that when I went home I would do something crazy.”
I mean you’ve got to give it to him. Screwing you sister is definitely “going out crazy” I don’t care what the hell she looks like.
But do you really think this should be a crime that puts someone in prison for 10 years?
In America, recent statistics show that nearly 1 out of every 137 adults is in prison. I wonder if it is because of stuff like this?
I could see it if the guy was 17 and his sister was 12, but that is different, she would be a child. But these two were both in their forties. They were both married to other people. This is nasty but I am not sure nasty is worth 10 years in prison.
I’m not sure how much sympathy Ronald is going to get from a judge or a jury for his cancer story but if I were him I would play that one up to the hilt.
The officer said that the sister was so drunk that they actually took her to the hospital before they took her to jail. If I were her I would play that one up as well.
I am not saying that either excuse is going to get you off the hook, personally I think the old “I was really drunk your honor” ranks up there as one of the lamest excuses on record.
Being drunk doesn’t make you insane it just lowers your inhibitions. There is a difference.
You won’t get any sympathy from me by prefacing the details about how you cheated on me, screwed the dog or let the guys at the office run a train on you at the office Christmas party with “hey, I had a lot to drink that night”.
As you all know I support some sanity and logic behind how much time we sentence people to prison for.
I believe the time we sentence someone to serve should be relative to other crimes.
For example, if beating someone within an inch of their life with a baseball bat gets you 10 years in prison and fucking your 41 year old sister also gets you 10 years I have a problem with that. They are not comparable. Either you need to get more time for beating someone half to death or we need to reduce the amount of time we give these two. It just doesn’t make any sense. And I know that you conservatives out there have a difficult time getting your mind around concepts like “making sense” but don’t get this twisted and start telling people that I am for people screwing their sisters.
What I am for is there being a clear, perceptible logic that is threaded throughout the legal system and I believe that starts with the punishments that we dole out to people.
Isn’t that part of justice, being concerned with what is just?
There is no amount of marijuana someone can sell that would be comparable to premeditated murder or even attempted murder. Yet we have people serving time in prisons in every single state in the union that have murderers getting out before they do.
Don’t get me wrong I am not advocating mandatory sentencing. I think that is just as wrong. I advocate electing competent judges that take their jobs seriously and not just as springboards for more loftier political aspirations. And I want a judge to take into account a defendant’s past criminal record, age, and the circumstances surrounding the crime, even if the defendant genuinely feels remorse, but I when we start talking about putting someone in prison for porking his sister for the same time that we are putting someone in jail for beating his wife in the head with a hot cast iron skillet for burning the grits we have a problem.

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Source: Birmingham News

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