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nambla members arrested as they waited for boat to sex retreat

If you haven’t heard of NAMBLA and you have boys under the age of eleven you are pretty sheltered.
If you do have little boys around that age then you better familiarize yourself with NAMBLA.
Keep a post-it note on the refrigerator.
NAMBLA stands for The North American Man/Boy Love Association and they are to pedophiles what John and Peter were to Jesus.
Don’t confuse them with being homosexuals.
These guys claim to be victims of rampant ageism.
In other words they are homosexual pedophiles.
Most homosexual men will move on to someone else if you’ve got a woman on your arm.
NAMBLA guys will move on to someone else if you’re old enough to have pubes.
They justify their pedophilia by pointing to ancient Greece, arguably the gayest civilization to ever learn to read and write, in some attempt to build a convincing “see they did it, so why can’t we” argument for having sex with children.
They aren’t the first morally depraved group to point to the Greeks to justify their sexual appetite.
So did the Nazi.
I am not comparing the two I am just stating a fact.
The Nazi were so gay Heinrich Himmler was convinced that the only requirement for being promoted in the Nazi party was that you sucked dick.
Not that there is something wrong with that, but he thought it would also have been nice to have officers in the SS that knew where the safety was on a pistol.
To their credit though, no Nazi officer was ever caught wearing black shoes with a brown belt or vise versa.
Well evidently the FBI recently infiltrated the group so deeply that they had an agent who was asked to join the group's steering committee.
You talk about having a shitty job.
How well would you sleep the night before leaving your wife and kids for a year or two to go undercover and hang around a bunch of pedophiles who sit around all day pseudo-intellectualizing their love is for prepubescent children and bitching about how persecuted they are?
If I were an FBI agent trying to infiltrate NAMBLA I am sure they would think I was bulimic because of how often I would be running to the bathroom to throw up.
I am convinced that the FBI can infiltrate anything.
At the time of Malcolm X’s assassination the second in command of the Nation of Islam was an FBI agent.
The FBI were knee deep in the KKK when they were cowardly blowing up churches and intimidating black people trying to exercise their constitutional the right to vote.
In each one of those cases the FBI agent had to actively participate in certain “activities” to win the trust of the group they were infiltrating.
In the case of the KKK, the FBI agent had to beat up Negroes when duty called.
The one they placed in the NOI probably would tell you if he never saw another bean pie for the rest of his life it would be too soon.
So I can only imagine what the agent that infiltrated NAMBLA would have to do to win their trust.
Well the FBI recently arrested three NAMBLA members at Harbor Island as they were waiting for a boat that they were told would sail them to Ensenada for a sex retreat over Valentine’s Day with all the boys they could screw, promising some would be as young as nine.
I don’t know, couldn’t that be considered entrapment offering a NAMBLA member all the nine year olds he can screw?
I thought entrapment was making someone an offer that was too good to say no too.
No no no.
Entrapment is when you are persuaded by law enforcement agents to commit a crime you had no previous intent to commit.
In the case of NAMBLA, if it involves a third grader they probably can’t be entrapped.
At least not legally.

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Source: San Diego Union-Tribune
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