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Man loses face and testicle in ape attack at California Sanctuary

Moe the Chimpanzee was taken from a suburban Los Angeles home where he lived with St. James and LaDonna Davis in 1999 after Moe bit off part of a part of a woman’s finger while she was visiting them.
Ok, got that part?
Well St. James and LaDonna Davis recently visited the cage in the animal sanctuary where Moe is now living to celebrate his birthday and bring him a cake.
Not that Moe could give a damn about a cake, he is just an ape, but the Davises brought him one nonetheless.
Well while they were standing in front of Moe’s cage with the birthday cake, Buddy and Ollie, two of four chimps in the adjoining cage to Moe’s somehow escaped and immediately started attacking St. James and LaDonna.
Even the two ape babes that were in the cage with Buddy and Ollie, Susie and Bones managed to escape.
Amazingly LaDonna was only bitten on the hand, consequently while trying to protect her husband St. James, who by far got the worst of the attack, which resulted in having his balls literally ripped off as well as suffering massive wounds to his face, body and limbs.
The apes actually chewed off his face.
Buddy and Ollie were shot dead at the scene but not before the damage had been done.
The true tragedy of this story is that Moe didn’t lift a finger to help St. James or LaDonna.
He just sat back and watched.
To give you an idea of how bad St. James got beat down, St. James is going to have to undergo extensive surgery to reattach his nose to his face.
There is no word yet if they are going to be able to reattach his testicles or his foot.
Yes, they also bit off this poor guy’s foot.
When the son-n-law of the sanctuary’s owner finally arrived with his pistol and shot Buddy, Ollie deduced that he was probably next but instead of just running away he
grabbed St. James, who at this time is nearly bleeding to death and literally dragged him down the road before he too was shot dead.
Maybe monkey behavioral specialists can shed some light as to why LaDonna was able to walk away with only a bite to her hand while her husband got his dick, his foot and his nose completely torn off and then to add insult to injury dragged down the road by his good foot.
So what do the experts say?
Apparently if you think Chimpanzees are these cute little apes that are a must for any loving home, think again before you put one underneath the Christmas tree.
Ape experts say that they are naturally aggressors and are known to kill rival chimps from neighboring groups, they hunt other primates and are obviously not above opening a can of “you don’t want none of this” on humans too if they forget to bring enough cake for everybody.
"Male chimps are intensely territorial. They defend their territory against any perceived threat," said Craig Stanford, a professor at the University of Southern California who studies primate behavior. "Chimps can be violent at times just as humans can be."
"Chimps can be as violent as humans can be?" Was that a little subliminal jab at the anti-evolution folks in Kansas professor Stanford?
Apparently Moe’s behavior can be at least partially explained as well.
Evidently his mother was killed by a poacher in Africa decades ago and it’s possible there is still some deep seated resentment there that needs to be addressed.
You know you always find people that are those bleeding hearts that want to take on problems like Moe and make things all better.
Well it looks like you can’t make Moe better. You just need to leave Moe alone.
Even after he bit the woman’s finger off the Davises apparently tried to launch a legal battle in the courts to bring Moe back from the sanctuary and back into their home.
That’s one reason why we have laws. To protect people from themselves apparently.
It’s not exactly clear how they feel about apes now in light of this incident. I guess we can always ask St. James after they reattach his nose, his testicles and his foot.

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Source: Associated Press, The Bakersfield Californian

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