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Stripper Selling Her Monstrous Breast Implant on eBay

Tawny Peaks, the super busty stripper that was sued in 1998 for allegedly knocking a guy senseless when she hit him in the head with one of her big ass tits, has since retired from the business.
She ended up retiring barely a year after the now infamous incident where the victim claimed that during her performance Tawny hit him in the head with her tit giving him whiplash.
He said they felt "like two cement blocks."
Well the other day she was cleaning out her closet and she found in a box one of those monstrous 69-HH implants that she had removed in 1999 before she had breast reduction surgery to blend back in with the rest of society.
I still can’t get over the fact that she just came across her tit in a box in her closet.
I have heard of people keeping things in shoe boxes in their closets but nothing more bizarre than their stash of weed.
Don’t they have some kind of protocol for disposing that much plastic? It's probably illegal to just toss that bad boy in the garbage bin and just take it out to the corner for pick up. What if a duck or a raccoon got a hold of that thing?
"They were like really big, crazy big," said Peaks describing the size of her chest back in her dancing days.
No shit.
If a cup size is roughly every inch your tits stick out from your chest then Tawny’s tits were like 12 inches away from her chest if you add an inch for like DD, EE and so forth.
She decided to sell the implant on eBay and so far she has gotten 10 bids for it. The highest bid is at $16,750.00 dollars the last time I checked.
She has even offered to autograph the implant for the auction winner.
I don’t know what he is going to do with it.
Maybe use it as a basketball I suspect.
The guy that sued her for whiplash lost his suit when the judge, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch asked a female bailiff to take Tawny somewhere private and feel her up to see if her tits were really as hard as “two cement blocks” like the plaintiff had claimed.
The bailiff came back saying that the tits were in fact "soft" and weighed about 2 pounds each.
The judge ruled that Tawny's tits were not dangerous and refused to award the loser any damages.
She claims she is going to keep the other one “for good measure.”
I just think she wants to hear what the poor guy that buys the one she is selling on eBay is planning to do with his.

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Source: Reuters

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