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lucas the hack says the original star wars films don’t exist

As of right now my feeling is that you can bootleg George Lucas without guilt.
I read an interview with Lucas where he said that the original theatrical versions of Star Wars, the ones that were actually good, don’t exist to him.
The special edition, that's the one I wanted out there. The other movie, it's on VHS, if anybody wants it. ... I'm not going to spend the, we're talking millions of dollars here, the money and the time to refurbish that, because to me, it doesn't really exist anymore. It's like this is the movie I wanted it to be, and I'm sorry you saw half a completed film and fell in love with it.”
Get your bootleg hats on people. And no I am not talking about Moonshine.
If this is any indication of what kind of arrogant asshole this man is I will hesitate to buy the Star Wars DVD when it comes out next Tuesday.
Notice I just said hesitate. That’s all I can promise. I will hesitate.
How can Lucas complain about how he is going to have to spend millions to refurbish the originals…like there is a chance that he won’t get all of that money back?
Every stitch of clothing on his back and every piece of food he has put in his belly over the past 30 years has been because of the love people have for those original films.
And since it has been pretty obvious (Howard the Duck) that Lucas can’t create anything else, the least he can do is show some respect for the films that pay his bills.
And for the record, he probably doesn’t sell enough copies of American Graffiti or TH12345 a year or whatever it is called to keep the gas tank filled in his SUV.
Make no mistake about it, Star Wars is his career.
He is the theatrical equivalent of the one hit wonder.
It’s still debatable how much of Indiana Jones was him and how much was really Spielberg .
He didn’t name his sound company Skywalker Sound for nothing. The fact that he lives at Skywalker Ranch is not a coincidence.
He doesn’t live at Steve Bolander Ranch now does he?
Who is Steve Bolander?
That’s my point.
He claims that “…most artists, most painters, even composers would want to come back and redo their work now. They've got a new perspective on it, they've got more resources, they have better technology, and they can fix or finish the things that were never done. ... I wanted to actually finish the film the way it was meant to be when I was originally doing it.”
Real artists don’t go back to their old work because they are always busy creating something new.
You never saw Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack going back to the original King Kong every thirty years and touching it up just because technology afforded them the opportunity to make King Kong’s movements less choppy did you?
Lucas is a hack that can’t create anything new. Like I said, he has been eating off Star Wars since he came up with the concept trying to rip off of Flash Gordon serials.
If he was an artist he would be coming up with new ideas and creating new films not regurgitating his old work and thinking that just because someone comes out with a fancier way to make spaceships look like they are flying that he has to go back in and hack up these originals films.
Following along with his line of logic every time some new technology comes out that can make a better looking light saber he will have to go in and redo his films again.
And the worst part of all of this is that he has gone in and added things to the original films to make them blend in more seamlessly with the three new pieces of shit that he has hacked out.
For example, in the new special-edition Star Wars DVD Box set instead of having the Yoda puppet, Alec Guinness and the old man that played Vader standing in their ghostly forms looking at Luke approvingly as the Ewoks dance around him in a drunken stubber, Lucas has digitally replaced the old Vader with that NSync wanna be that he has playing Darth Vader in the prequels.
It makes you wonder if he is going to digitally inserting Jar Jar Binks in the original films or maybe change some dialog to try to make his hack story seem like it works all in the name of “continuity”.
I can see as Vader and Lando are walking down the hall in Empire Strikes Back, right in the middle of Lando complaining about Vader roughing up his friend Han, Vader just abruptly cuts him off and says, “Hey, that droid I saw with the rebels, wasn’t that the C3P0 unit that I built when I was just a little whippersnapper back on Tatooine?”
C’mon, Darth Vader built C3-PO when he was a kid? Give me a break. As many times as that dome headed hoodlum saw that robot in the originals how come he never gave any indication whatsoever that he ever recognized him?
Han Solo steps on Jabba the Huts tail? Since when did Jabba become such a punk? And a little green punk to boot. They didn’t even get the color right.
Greedo had Han Solo dead to sights and missed by 5 feet when he was sitting right across from him at the table?
Come on I know they were in a bar but Greedo couldn’t have been that drunk. Doesn’t he know when you have been drinking you always shoot for the Han Solo in the middle?
When Lucas was asked why did he release the films on DVD now instead of after these other bullshit prequel movies were finished like he had originally planned he replied, “Just because the market has shifted so dramatically. A lot of people are getting very worried about piracy. That has really eaten dramatically into the sales. It really just came down to, there may not be a market when I wanted to bring it out, which was like, three years from now. So rather than just sit by and watch the whole thing fall apart, better to bring it out early and get it over with.”
In three years there might not be a market for Star Wars?
The franchise has been going strong for 30 years but it is all going to evaporate within the next 36 months?
Sure people are bootlegging the films but George; people don’t bootleg things that aren’t in demand.
Lucas is lucky because every fan of those films wouldn’t be caught dead without an official copy in their collection.
A bootleg is just something to hold them over.
That money he would have to invest in getting the original films out is guaranteed. Every fan would buy one. And to be honest, even if you excluded all the people that would buy just one copy, I am sure Lucas has enough Star Wars fans that will buy 2 copies to keep him squarely in the obscenely rich tax bracket for the rest of his life.
By not releasing the original theatrical versions of these films on DVD he is simply offering an open invitation for every bootlegger in the world to put it out themselves. (hint hint)
And I don’t really give a fuck either. If you don’t want my 50 bucks for the originals on DVD then don’t fucking complain when China starts mass producing those bastards and selling them by the box load at every sci-fi comic book convention on earth. And you know the Chinese; they will do a good job too. That shit will have liner notes, a hologram cover of Vader turning on his light saber when you tilt it back and forth and it might even have a fake UPC code on the back just to give it a look of authenticity.
The only draw back is that it will just be all in Chinese. Who cares? The movie won’t be in Chinese. And the best part is that they won’t charge a dime over 5 bucks for all three films.
We the fans are going to have those films on DVD one way or the other.
Sadly I guess it’s just going to have to be the other.
But don’t let it bother you George, they don’t exist anyway, remember?

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