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Ronald Reagan and the 1980s

Anyone that knows me knows that I am absolutely crazy for anything 1980s.
I have a fondness for everything 80s and that includes Ronald Reagan .
With that said, they better hurry up and bury him or he is going to start to stink.
I am not going to go so far as to say that a part of me died when Reagan died a few days ago but an icon of childhood definitely did. I am sure I will have a similar experience when Hulk Hogan dies and they finally quit making Friday the 13 th films.
I was 8 years old when Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected president of the United States after secretly striking a deal with the Iranians to hold on to the US hostages until after the 1980 November election so he could beat Jimmy Carter.
When he got shot in 1981, they let us out of school early. I remember thinking it was cool that was until I got home and saw all of the programming on every single channel was showing the same slow motion replay of Reagan getting shot over and over and over and over again.
It was then that I began to understand that shooting the President was a crime that ought to be punishable by death.
In exchange for winning the presidency with the help of his new friends in Iran he sent them a shipment of good ol’ US grade A weaponry compliment of his new administration.
This would become somewhat of his trademark as it was only about six years later when he was got caught selling weapons to the Contras and lied about not knowing anything about it.
Yeah, ok.
But I loved the 1980s. I really did.
Almost everything I still love came from the 80s. My favorite movies came out of the 80s, my favorite songs, my favorite music videos, my favorite comics and Ronald Reagan was a part of that.
He wasn’t personally responsible for any of it but he was always there.
I admit that it was pretty cool the way he would have championship sports teams over to the white house so he could get free jerseys from them.
And one thing you could say about Reagan is that he was always good for a funny joke. I mean a real funny joke, not just the kind of joke you laugh at because he is the president so you better laugh just to be nice.
At times he was really funny.
It is impossible for me to think of early MTV without thinking Ronald Reagan . I can’t think of break dancing, Phoebe Cates topless, or Bloom County without thinking… Ronald Reagan .
At the time I was too young to understand what his politics were about. All I knew was that my father hated him. However, before you take that to mean he prejudiced me on Reagan, I also knew my father never went out to vote so for a guy like me I take that to mean Reagan must not be all that bad because you wouldn’t get off your lazy ass to do anything about it.
Knowing my father he still had beef with Reagan from when he was governor of California and he wouldn’t let Muhammad Ali box in the state of California because Ali refused to go fight in Vietnam because Ali claimed was a conscientious objector.
Why would anyone black go out and potentially die for this country while Congress is sitting in Washington debating on whether or not you are even entitled to civil rights?
If that isn’t conservative arrogance I don’t know what is?
First things first.
First make me a citizen of this country and all that entails before you ask me to give my life for it.
Think about it, interracial marriage was illegal then on the grounds that some considered it bestiality, blacks had to eat Jim Crow all over the country not just in the south, and Ronald Reagan had the ability to look beyond all of that and not see any reason at all as to why a black man would have a problem going over to a jungle and walking around knee deep in monkey shit to kill Communist.
What Reagan did do however is scare the shit out of me with all of his “we could win a nuclear war” talk.
That is what Star Wars was about don’t kid yourself. Reagan wanted to position himself to win a nuclear war not deter one.
In fact that was why I got into the habit of listening to AM news radio. I have been listening and paying attention to current events since I was 12-years-old because I wanted a heads up before Reagan decided to draw a “line in the sand” one day through downtown Moscow like he did in Libya.
After I heard someone say on the radio that Reagan made it “seem like government spending any money on anything outside of the military seem like an indulgence” I finally understood why conservatives spend so much on the military. You spend money where you intend on using it and conservatives seem to always get their use out of the US military.
I think that is a sad statement that Reagan made Americans feel “good about themselves again” because it seems like every other week there was some sort of AID/relief concert being held to bail someone out of financial ruin.
Then there was that time that Ronald Reagan took an uncompromising stand against striking air-traffic controllers and fired them all.
That ought to teach workers a thing or two about standing up for poor working conditions and benefits for their families.
What Reagan was, was a very personable, funny, likeable guy that brought gave conservatives who had thought that even Nixon had grown too liberal a champion for their ass backwards might makes right view of the world.
Regan had airplane bombers shoot a missile into a Libyan hospital, specifically into the floor where Gaddafi ’s 15 month old daughter was sleeping, killing her.
Now I wasn’t a political science major in college but I am pretty sure that blowing up hospitals is against some convention rules somewhere.
Once again, rules don’t apply to us.
Now had Gaddafi blown up a US hospital we would have leveled his country.
We do the same thing and we want to put Reagan ’s face on Mount Rushmore along with the 10 dollar bill.
So when Gaddafi said he regrets that President Regan was never tried criminally for the 1986 air strikes which killed Gaddafi 's adopted daughter and dozens of others in Libya 's capital, I understand.
Although I have never had experience with Alzheimer’s I hear that if you have ever seen someone suffering through it, that you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.
Well then I guess even Ronald Reagan the great communicator couldn’t talk his way out of karma.

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