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80% of misinformed americans get their news from FOX

The other day I was reading a columnist on Greg Bleck ’s website named Ted Webb. Evidently he has a morning show on Newsradio 970 WFLA-Tampa.
He was blaming Nick Berg’s gruesome beheading by al-Qaeda on CBS news. He was actually saying that because CBS ran the photos of the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison all it did was pissed off the Arab world and thus led to Nick Berg’s death.
He said that CBS has “blood on its hands”.
”CBS knew the airing of those photos would inflame the Arab world, that was the purpose. To make the USA and George W, Bush look bad heading into the elections. It did not matter that it might cost more lives in the Middle East , so be it, that is one small price for winning the White House in November.”
Once again he blamed their decision to report the abuses in Abu Ghraib prison on “just trying to make the president look bad.”
What they should have done apparently is just sat on it and not did their jobs by reporting it?
I remember when the media was going at the Clinton-Monica blow job story every single day all day back in 1998. After six months everyone I knew was sick of hearing about it. Yet the media ran it every day like no one had ever heard of it before.
That was running for the white house. We know that now. Now we can see it for what it was because of people like the Sinclair group.
Sinclair, an open political supporter of the Bush administration, made $65,434 in 2004 political donations — 98 percent of that to Republicans and 2 percent to Democrats — according to the Web site opensecrets.org, which tracks contributions.
He didn’t like the Nightline program of reading the names and showing the faces of fallen US service men and women so they blacked it out effectively preventing 24% of American households from seeing it because they felt it was “going to make the president look bad”.
If I remember correctly no one was dying over Clinton and his blow job? That blow job wasn’t costing the American people 5 billion a month, credibility with the world and over 500 lives of American service men.
As far as I concerned CBS did their fucking job.
CBS didn’t stage those abuses. Even the US Army said that the images that we haven’t seen can only be described as sadistic and evil. Those are their own words.
CBS didn’t have reporters posing as generals and giving orders to make Iraqi prisoners simulate homosexual sex with one another.
The only reason FOX didn’t run the story is because it goes against their mission statement, “to do everything possible to keep a republican in the white house.”
Had CBS not run that story FOX would still be continuing to run their “the Iraqi people hate us because they are just a bunch of ungrateful towel heads” story that they run every night.
You don’t think the Iraqi people knew about what is going on in their own country in their own prisons to their own family members?
Bill O’Reilly wanna-be's like Ted Webb need to be reminded every once in a while that we are the ones that are misinformed here in the states, not the other way around.
Seeing how ready and willing conservatives are to advocate “sitting on information” and “looking the other way” all under the disguise of being a good patriot its amazing that we know anything unflattering about Dubya.
If it wasn’t for people like CBS look how fucked up we would be.
Recently Los Angeles Times Editor John S. Carroll delivered a lecture during "Ethics Week" of the Society of Professional Journalists. He cited a studying that showed that Americans basically had three main misconceptions about Iraq :
1) That Weapons of Mass Destruction have been found
2) That a definite connection has been proven to have existed between al-Qaeda and Iraq ’s Saddam Hussein.
3) That the world is in overwhelming support of our efforts in Iraq.
80% of the people who said that they primarily got their news from FOX believed at least one of those lies.
So I guess I get their point.
100% of the people who get their news from CBS don’t believe any of those lies so I guess they are the same just in reverse. Reverse in the sense that people who get their news from FOX apparently have no clue and people who get their news from damn near anywhere else are much better off.
No Ted Webb, the reason Nick Berg got his head cut off is because al-Qaeda are animals.
Pure and simple.
They will use anything as an excuse to show how Klingon they are.
The abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison needed to be reported.
”The left has no sense of country, no patriotism” wrote Webb on the Greg Bleck website.
What because we aren’t willing to fall in line and cover up shit if need be to present a certain image of the president you support?
What liberal accused you of having no sense of country and being unpatriotic for not looking the other way or pushing the Ken Starr report under the rug when after spending 40 million dollars to find a smoking gun in Clinton ’s hands over Whitewater stood up and said that he got a blow job and called it a day?
If anyone isn’t a patriot its people like him who seem to fall in favor of covering up information and brushing things under the rug so to speak than to take responsibility for what happened and move to correct it, because what the US Army did at Abu Ghraib prison was not American.
That was not displaying the values that we supposedly believe in. We should be standing up for not being like the people we call our enemies not standing up for trying to hide the fact that maybe we aren’t as different from our enemies as you want us to believe we are.
It’s the same mentality that creates the blue wall of silence in police departments.
What is more important, the law that you are sworn to uphold or the image of the police department?
Sure people are going to be upset that there is a police officer raping women while on duty, but that is why you should be trying to get cops removed from the force that are going to do stuff like that. You don't think people are going to be more upset when they find out that you tried to cover it up because you thought exposing it would put police in jeopardy of an outraged public?
Exposing it didn't put people in jeopardy, your partner raping women put the department in jeopardy.
If you know that a fellow officer is doing some shady shit why are you helping to cover it up?
What is more important, the values that Americans are supposed to not just give lip service to but to live, or is the most important thing really the falling approval rating of your beloved Dubya?

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Source: Daily Emerald, http://www.glennbeck.com/teddwebb/index.shtml

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