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Rasputin ’s Cock On Display In Russian Museum

A Russian visitor takes a close look at 28 cm (11 inch) human penis preserved in jar at an erotic exposition at a clinic in St.Petersburg, April 28, 2004. A Russian doctor Igor Knyazhin, the organizer of the display, insists that it belonged to Grigory Rasputin, the monk whose dissolute exploits and alleged sexual relations with the Tsarina are credited with helping bring down the Russian imperial family. Knyazhin said that a French antiquarian sent the sexual organ to him for his collection. Knyazhin added that he hopes a further 10,000 male sexual organs in his collection will be exhibited in the future.Rasputin ’s cock was so big that they are showcasing it in a Museum in Russia.
Having this exhibit, we can stop envying America , where Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis is now kept. … Napoleon’s penis is but a small ”pod“, it cannot stand comparison to our organ of 30 centimeters…” the head of the museum said.
Rasputin ’s cock has been shriveling up in a jar of Formaldehyde for the better part of a century and it is still over 11 inches long.
I didn’t know people around the world envied America because we have Napoleon’s penis floating in a jar of Formaldehyde?
What is it with women and big dicks anyway?
I remember when Frank Gifford got caught cheating on Kathy Lee with Suzen Johnson, at the New York Regency Hotel and she was caught on tape as saying: "Oh, God that's so good. Oh my, you're so big. I knew you would be -- I just knew you would be."
”I just knew it would be”?
Women prefer a large cock over a small cock so much that they have developed pseudo-scientific techniques to determine a man’s cock size well before they even get a chance to see it?
I have heard some of the more scientific sounding theories; If you have big hands and feet you have a big cock, if you are skinny you have a big cock, if you are black you have a big cock.
I have also heard some of the less scientific sounding theories; if you can dance you can fuck well, if you lick your lips a lot you can eat pussy and if you’re short you probably have a little dick too.
Grigory Rasputin never ceases to fascinate me, and it’s not because he had a reported 13-inch-cock.
Believe me.
No, the reason Rasputin fascinates me because this freak rose to power so quickly in Russia for so many reasons and one of those reasons that isn’t so easily discounted was his 13 inch cock.
Since I am not a woman I have no idea what’s so sweet about being fucked by a man with a big cock. Personally being penetrated with anything that I don’t have control over how deep it goes scares me, let alone something as long and as thick as a forearm.
I would think that if I was a woman I would be looking for the smallest more manageable size I could find, preferably about the size of my index finger.
I am definitely running away from anything bigger than my thumb.
Rasputin, also know as the “Mad Monk” once he came to be the power behind the throne was not only fucking the Tsar’s wife Alexandra with that third leg, but all of the Tsar’s daughters as well.
Yep, even the prepubescent ones.
Think about that the next time you watch Disney ’s “Anastasia”.
Before Rasputin became the Mad Monk he belonged to an obscure religious sect known as Khlysty.
If you could say anything about Rasputin it would be at least he was consistent. He didn’t let power and fame change him. Back before he was the most influential man in Russia, when he was nothing more than just a witch doctor back in Siberia, he preached that in order to be properly saved one first had to sin with abandon.
As legend has it, the Virgin Mary appeared to him one night while he was either preaching or organizing one of his then famous orgies, I can’t remember which, maybe he was doing both, when supposedly she told him to pick up and go take care of the Russian royal family.
What is not clear is whether or not he fucked her too.
Hey don’t get pissed off. That’s a fair question.
I say that because It is said that he fucked literally thousands of women in Russia and even some men.
His sexual appetite was insaitable and despite being known for his bad body odor he still was never short on warm bodies to fuck.
Like I said before, among his conquest was the Tsar’s own wife Alexandra, who although was jealous that she couldn’t keep him all to herself, she felt her hands were tied because she believed Rasputin was the only person that could keep her son Alexis alive. Alexis was a hemophiliac and Rasputin was the only one who had any sort of success stoping the child’s bleeding.
For that reason she tried to always keep Rasputin close by, and well, since he was close by you might as well put that horse cock of his to use right?
And boy did he ever put it to use.
Many of the noble women of his day as well as some of the more effeminate men of Russia routinely came around to get meat injections from Rasputin .
He was eventually murdered by his gay transvestite lover Prince Felix Yusupov and the Prince’s fag-hag best friend Duke Dmitri because Rasputin had simply gotten too powerful.
With most of the men off fighting in World War I, that left Alexandra in charge of Russia and since she was hooked on Rasputin’s 13-inch-cock and willing to do anything to keep him happy Rasputin pretty much was running the whole fucking show.
Prince Felix Yusupov having lured Rasputin over to the his home to fuck the Prince’s sexually frustrated wife, Prince Flex poisoned Rasputin with cake and tea that he fed him. When after waiting hours for the fast acting the poison to take effect, which it never did, the Prince got tired of waiting and shot him.
Rasputin didn’t die however.
He laid there like he was dead but then got back up after overhearing the Prince and his boyfriend congratulating themselves on the whole assassination plot, like some page from a bad comic book, celebrating and congratulating each other with the non-poisoned wine while Rasputin lay on the floor bleeding to death.
In fact before Rasputin would officially be pronounced dead they had shot him, poisoned him, castrated him, crushed his skull with a barbell and drowned him in a frozen river.
After all of that came to surface stories surrounding Rasputin’s alleged mystic powers grew even larger because if you let the Prince and the Duke tell the story it appeared that Rasputin was virtually indestructible, however, as bad as it sounds, more than likely the reason it took all of that to kill him had more to do with who was trying to kill him, a gay transvestite and his fag-had best friend more than Rasputin’s purported superpowers.
Now I see why his shit is in a museum.

same difference

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Source: Rotten.com, Reuters , Nezavisimaya Gazeta

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