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Porn star TEST HIV positive. Porn Industry Asks “How Did This Happen?”

Let’s get this straight, I like porn as much as the next guy but if all the porn performers went on strike tomorrow I would be the last person to volunteer as a scab replacement.
A lot of what they do on camera is just fucking nasty. Outside of a porno set, some of these acts, like sucking on a dick immediately after pulling it out of another woman’s asshole are nearly unheard of acts in the non-porn world.
Porn star Darren James recently tested positive for HIV and the porn industry has come to a complete halt.
Many porn performers are echoing sentiments that they don’t feel safe anymore performing in these films without condoms.
Don’t feel safe anymore? How did they ever feel safe?
After James tested positive for HIV, industry advocates immediately called for a 60-day moratorium on filming so that others could be tested.
What no porn for a month? Let’s not get hasty here.
Porn performer Jill Kelly , founder of Jill Kelly Productions Holding, Inc., said that she as well as most other film producers have halted production for the next two months.
However she quickly reassures those of us that are on the verge on panic that this postponement won’t do much damage as they will just double the fucking in the subsequent weeks.
All of the “so-called” at risk adult “performers”, I refuse to call them “actors” have been quarantined until tests come back.
I am impressed that they could determine who was at risk and who wasn’t.
By their estimates James fucked 14 women in the past 60 days and those 14 women fucked 35 other dudes in that same 60 days.
Apparently Darren James had just recently come back from Brazil on a “non-condom” set, performing on a film.
Prior to this he had come back negative on his HIV tests every three weeks for the past seven years.
Well sadly now he has turned up missing.
You know what that means? That means he is dead.
One of his best friends and fellow porn star Mark Anthony had an epiphany after Darren James tested positive for HIV.
He told Adult Video News "…My feeling right now is that I'm considering not working anymore, not in front of the camera. Definitely, I'd never do a scene without a condom again. I'm confused. I feel like it's not safe at all to work anywhere – LA, Brazil , Europe , Japan . At one point I thought it was fairly safe. Now I realize it's not. Being a porno actor is a high-risk activity."
He is just now realizing that being a porno performer is a high-risk activity? I don’t care how often you test these skanks for HIV how could any occupation where you fuck girls that will lick cum out of another girl’s asshole for a few bucks not be a high-risk activity?
How can fucking a woman who has been with 35 dudes, let alone 35 dudes over the past 60 days not be a high-risk activity?
His friend went on to say that "I've known Darren for seven years and over that time he's become one of my best friends. I'm very sad about this whole situation that's going on and definitely I want to go on the record saying Darren is a good guy. He doesn't drink. He doesn't do any drugs. He's not gay and he doesn't do anything with transsexuals."
There is a lesson in all of this. Listen up Dirk Diggler. Not drinking, not doing drugs, not being gay or refraining from fucking with trannys doesn’t mean a damn thing when you can’t lay off the skanks.

same difference

the hazards of fucking for a living are a real health drain
Well if my suspicions are true about licking asshole being inherently wrong, I shouldn't need to look any further than Mr. Sata who no doubt caught something, pulled something or dislocated something while doing it.

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Source: Adult Video News

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