RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Man's erection becomes tourist attraction woman's orgasm doesn't

How do you know when your tourism industry is shot? You know it's shot when the biggest tourist attraction on your island is a man with a hard on.
A man has become literally a tourist attraction in the Dominican Republic after checking himself into a hospital with an erection that has lasted six days.
What is so bizarre about this is that, regardless, it is still just a hard on.
Where is the show in that? I mean is he pulling a taxi cab with it? He is able to carry horse shoes on it?
When you look at his cock you can't tell he has been hard for days.
I mean does it look different? I have never been hard for days so I couldn't tell you if it starts to turn colors.
I mean does a dick become more interesting the longer it stays erect?
How does a 2 day old erection differ from a 10 minute old erection?
It is still just a dick, albeit a hard dick.
Since when is that a tourist attraction?
Igancio Cabrera, 25, the man with the 6 day old erection apparently suffers from a rare form of anaemia that can give men erections for long periods of time.
Evidently after the fourth day nurses, doctors as well as the public have began turning up to get a glimpse for themselves of Igancio's erection.
The staff at Jose Maria Cabral and Baez hospital in Villa Gonzalez confirmed this.
You'd think he would be every woman's dream.
This kinda reminds me of that saying "too much of a good thing".
Oh yeah and it also reminds of "be careful what you wish for".
Then we have Jean Lund, 51 an American woman who suffers from a condition so rare that only 40 people in the world have ever been documented as suffering from it. Because of her "condition" she literally has hundreds of orgasms every single day.
The condition is called persistent sexual arousal syndrome.
In other words she is always cuming.
Reportedly when she told her gynecologist about it he replied: "You're every man's dream."
Then she responded: I told him "How would you like to walk around on the verge of an orgasm every second?" And he shut up."
This woman has hundreds of orgasms a day and she isn't a tourist attraction but some bloke with a hard on is?
That's what she gets for being in America and not on a third world island somewhere where her only competition for attention would be a banana tree and some jack ass with a hard on.
Maybe if he was cuming like a Peter North hundreds of times a day for six straight days with no end in sight I would be willing to put off my trip to the beach to see that.then again, hell no I wouldn't.

same difference

south korean women transplant hair from their heads down to their privates
apparently women in South Korea consider having pubic hair riding up their stomachs as a sign of fertility. I consider that a sign that you are a Sasquatch.

women who drink beer more likely to get pregnant
Shit, you needed a government grant to tell you that? Then again these are nerds we are talking about here. What were they supposed to do take our word for it?

Source: Ananova

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