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earthquake in iran kills 20,000 Imam confused how allah missed NY
The word out of Iran is that so far there are 20,000 confirmed dead from a 6.5 earthquake that rocked the Middle-eastern nation. The Interior Ministry estimated 20,000 dead, rescue workers say that number could eventually reach 40,000.
Some reports are saying that they are pulling out 200 bodies from just one street within the crumbled city an hour.
The city of Bam's 2,000-year-old Bam citadel was one of the casualties of this quake which some have described as leaving the ancient city a wasteland.
Sadly the number of dead from natural disasters like this one often parallel doomsday asteroid predictions but only in reverse.
In the case of an Asteroid, almost always the first estimates have it colliding with the earth destroying 99% of all life above and below the sea, only to have by lunch the next day new figures emerge that say it will miss us by 4.8 billion miles.
With natural disasters on the other hand, the first estimates are always horrible and then they only go up.
They always go up.
Despite Iran being a part of Dubya's Legion of Doom or whatever he called North Korea , Iran and Iraq, Bush expressed sympathy for Iran and offered US support.
"The thoughts of all Americans are with the victims and their families at this time, and we stand ready to help the people of Iran ," Bush said.
These are the types of things that happen that make some Americans kinda bitter.
Because you can't help but ask yourself, suppose that earthquake that hit Iran had hit New York City , Los Angeles or Chicago and 20,000 people had died?
There would've been people dancing in the streets somewhere in Iran right now.
There would be an Imam on the steps of a Mosque drawing a connection with how our decadent American lifestyle and our so called Crusade against Islam brought this tragedy down upon ourselves.
Osama Bin Laden and his Lieutenants would be on close circuit television tonight in the Middle-East doing "the Crip walk" laughing and pointing at us.
If America doesn't send humanitarian aid to these very same people that would be dancing in the streets had the shoe been on the other foot we would be the bad guys.
This is the double standard that Americans have to deal with.
Knowing that you are lending money and giving aid to people that wouldn't offer you the same if the roles were reversed.
This isn't a new position for Americans but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow. It's just as bitter today as it will be tomorrow as it was yesterday.
Imagine giving someone a ride home from work because their car is in the shop all the while knowing that if your car had broken down on the side of the road they would ride past, flipping you off and laughing.
And then, if knowing this, you refuse to give them a ride, everyone else in the office calls you the selfish asshole.
20,000 Americans die from an earthquake in New York City and there is an Imam in Syria on al-Jazeera within the hour saying that it was punishment from Allah.
Could you imagine the outcry from the world if there were images of Americans dancing in the streets after getting word that one of Iran 's oldest cities had been leveled by an earthquake and there were 20,000 dead?
Maybe this is just what comes with the territory of being a world power.
Everyone wants to see you humbled.
The fact of the matter is that it is not the US that are the selfish ones.
If you'd accept a ride from someone that you wouldn't return the favor if the situation were reversed, if you'd fill your plate with food from someone that if the roles were reversed you would let starve, if you would watch disease ravage a people that you would refuse medicine then who is the selfish one?
same difference

malaysian prime minister says jews rule the world. jews get pissed but curiously jews don't deny it.
How does that work? I want to rule the world too. Where do I apply? I like Tzimmes. That's a start isn't it?

i think somewhere down the line some of us missed the point.
No where does it say in the Quran that he was also the most skillful with a timer and a stick of dynamite.

Source: Reuters

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