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saddam was held by kurdish forces, drugged and left for us troops

Karma has been a busy boy lately.
Apparently there was a reason Saddam Hussein was captured without firing a shot.
Saddam had been beaten, drugged and left for the American soldiers to find him in that hole they found him in. He had apparently fallen into the hands of the Kurdish Patriotic Front, which fought alongside US forces during the Iraq war after being betrayed by a man whose daughter had been raped by Saddam's son Uday.
With all of the women that Uday raped and killed, if that is all of the information that we know about the member of the al-Jabour tribe that turned him over to the Kurds, we may never find out who did it.
Uday and Qusay Hussein had a list of victims, both men and women that is so long that we will never know the exact number of actual victims.
Then when you toss into the equation the suffering that came as a result of their sadism for the friends and loved ones of their victims I am surprised that Karma even let their guns fire off a round in their deadly shootout which cost them both their lives.
Then again, I guess it doesn't really matter now does it?
So when the Kurds got a hold of Saddam you can only imagine what they did to him.
Actually let's do that. Let's take a second to imagine what they did to him.
Saddam gave you blisters on your skin and lungs with Mustard Gas attacks; he gave you conniption fits with nerve gas and even pulled out the old tried and true cyanide just to show you who had the biggest balls.
Now as a direct result of the sadism of his son Uday, Saddam found himself sitting across the table staring at a leader of the Kurdish Patriotic Front, in a situation where Allah wouldn't even get him out of.
An unnamed Western intelligence source in the Middle East told the Sunday Express: "Saddam was not captured as a result of any American or British intelligence. We knew that someone would eventually take their revenge, it was just a matter of time."
That is the beauty of karma. It doesn't care about politics, money, prestige or party affiliation. It's all about the bottom line.

same difference

u.s. warns of new 9/11-style plane attacks in the works
If an Arab even stands up too quick nowadays on a commercial flight he could probably expect to get the "Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay" knocked out of him by somebody.

odai and qusai are in hell…idi amine making reservations
I am thinking that this must've been "it's time to come back home to hell" week because the associated press is reporting that Idi Amine is in a coma in Saudi Arabia as we speak.

Source: Associated Press

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