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judge orders man blinded for throwing acid on fiancée's face

I think that Islamic Law has a lot of things right about it. In fact, I believe it's right in many ways, particularly how it deals with criminals, at least in principle.
The problem is that the way it is applied is so fucking off center.
Well a Judge in Multan, Pakistan today is lifting Islamic law over his shoulders kicking and screaming and carrying it in the right direction.
Muslims can't even deny that at least in regards to the equality of the sexes, if they just gave women the same rights that women had in the west in 1599 it would be a drastic improvement.
Well between the honor killings in the middle-east and the acid tossing banshees in Pakistan there are a lot of people going to hell.
Well Judge Afzal Sharif ruled Thursday that Mohammed Sajid convicted of attacking his 17-year-old fiancée Rabia Bibi with acid over a "minor disagreement" will be blinded by acid himself, publicly in fucking sports stadium.
His fiancé lost both of her eyes and her face was badly burned in the attack.
Now he is going to get the same.
"This is an Islamic way of doing justice," the judge wrote in his verdict.
I wish that were true, unfortunately it isn't. The only right women seem to have in the Muslim world is to breed.
Mohammed Sajid is expected to appeal.
He is also expected to win his appeal.
Change doesn't happen over night.
Still I say that this is a victory; at least in the sense that someone showed that they at least understand the concept in theory that a woman is a human being.
Sajid's two brother's that aided in the acid attack on his fiancé both received seven years in prison for their part.
Islam is the one religion that I could never take as my own because it literally offends me how little respect Muslims show women.
I am not a religious man because somewhere deep inside of me there is a little guy in charge of formulating policy regarding what churns my stomach and what doesn't.
I don't care how many Muslim women you parade in front of me that tell me that they're fine walking behind their man, speaking only when spoken too and running the risk of being decapitated for just talking to a man in public I don't think he is going to budge on this one.

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